Kay’s Branch News: Another summer is nearly done down here

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By Bee Spicer

We’re going in to the last week of summer and Labor Day weekend is upon us.
I know the calendar says summer doesn’t end till Sept. 21, but the “be all, end all” of weather, Bill Meck, says Labor Day ... it’s Labor Day Weekend.
He also said it would be hot, hot, hot this week. But then, he said that all week last week and I postponed John’s birthday supper for Friday till his real birthday Sunday afternoon so I wouldn’t have to heat up the kitchen cooking.
It was lovely all week. We did have the supper of his choice on Sunday afternoon, which was nicer because Ray and Teri could attend. They don’t have the grandchildren on Sunday. We usually don’t get to actually sit down to a meal and talk to each other except at Christmas or Thanksgiving when the extended family are here. It was a great afternoon.
I went to bridge on Tuesday and found out that Mary Ann was rehabbing at home. She couldn’t get into the closest rehab facility, so the rehab person is coming to her. The ladies who goes to church with her say she is getting along just fine. I know it takes a while to get the new knee working properly, but we hope to see her at the bridge table soon.
I was shopping at Walmart this week and struck up a conversation with the lady in front of me in line. I had a very large buggy full of dog food and mentioned the fact that I bought so much because I live in Owen County. She said she also lives in Owen County. I found out she lives just up 368 on Harmony Road. She said they live on a farm “way back in the boonies.” So I have met a new neighbor Cindy Adams. She didn’t introduce her husband. He seemed like the strong, silent type, unlike Cindy and I who talk to people in line wherever we may be.
Fay brought me a big sack of corn on Wednesday evening as they were going to prayer meeting. She said it was going out and Wanda didn’t need anymore, so I graciously volunteered to help her out and take what she didn’t want.
She and Bruce stopped on their way to church Sunday evening and left three large sacks full. It was late and I was tired by the time the kids left, so I shucked, silked and cut it off Monday morning to freeze for some good winter eating. They are very good neighbors.
Josie came Wednesday to clean and told me Dixie, Dennis Atha’s daughter, had her baby last week. It was a boy. She lives in Florida and Dennis hopes to get there soon to see the new grandson.
Wanda said that Ray, his sisters Jean and Patty and she, went to the Kentucky State Fair last week.
She said it had been years since she had been to the fair and had forgotten how much there was to do and see and how big the crowds are. She said she did see a couple of people from Owen County that she knew.
The turtle saga is ongoing. They pulled another out of the lake this week, this was No. 11. She said it weighed 20 lbs.
They went to a fish fry on Saturday at Ray’s cousin’s in Switzer. They dressed the turtle and added the others they had dressed and frozen to the menu of fish and frog legs they were serving. There was a big crowd and tons of food, so the turtle was devoured along with the rest.
Mike Raisor saw Rastus this week and said he was doing well and getting better every day.
I also learned that Steve Brook, our neighbor on Cedar Creek Road, had a bad accident on his motorcycle Saturday night. Well, any accident on a motorcycle is bad. A deer jumped out in front of him as he was heading toward home on 127.
It threw him off the motorcycle and he hit the road and scooted. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out. He was pretty banged up and cracked some ribs, but nothing was broken. He is recuperating at home. He won’t be doing much for a while, but it could have been much worse.
Don Ballard passed away the first of last week and Wanda said that Murrell Jackson passed away. He was Wanda’s age and went to school with her. He lived with his mother Nellie on the farm just above Bruce and Fay till she died. He was living in Frankfort when he passed away. Our prayers and sympathy to the families of the above.
Labor Day Weekend, the last holiday of the summer. I wish everyone a great holiday weekend. Be safe on the road.