Judo team takes top honors

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By The Staff

On March 20, The Owen County Judo Invitational had another amazing turnout of competitors, and fans alike. There were 142 competitors. Seventeen teams came to Kentucky from all across Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Owen County Judo Team won first place with 68 points, San Sedai Judo Team of Trimble County took second place with 46 points, and Bowling Green Judo placed third with 41 points overall.

Senior Douglas Tyler won first place in the senior men’s novice 161 and under division, dominating Robert Henderson from Ameri-Kan Judo in Lima, Ohio. Tyler slammed Henderson in his first match with “Harai-Goshi,” hip sweep. In his second match, Henderson went for an “Uchi Mata,” inner thigh reaping throw, and Tyler countered the throw with his own “Tani Otoshi,” valley drop, shaking the entire gym floor and earning his first-place trophy.

In the junior girl’s 5-6 light-weight division, Laura Lubbe rightfully won first place, defeating Katie Elliot from Bowling Green.  In Lubbe’s first match, she easily threw her opponent in the first two seconds of the match with “Ippon-Seio-Nage,” one-armed shoulder throw, winning the match by “Ippon,” one point. In her second match, Lubbe again won by “Ippon” score, securing her first-place trophy. 

The judo team made an astonishing performance Saturday, winning 15 medals in all.

The team will continue to push forward toward the state competitions.