The journey starts on first day

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By Brian Blair

It’s back.

Today is a day dreaded by some and looked forward to by others. That’s right. Today is the first day of school in Owen County.

It is hard to believe, but school is in session. The buses hit the roads this morning to pick up the kids, the cafeteria fired up the ovens to prepare lunch and somewhere parents silently breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Summer vacation ...  we barely knew you.

For some, today is not a big deal. The first day of school has become old hat. They have done it for so many years that they could probably do it in their sleep.

That is not the case for everyone. You see, for some, today is the truly the first day of school.

Six years ago it did not seem possible that this day would come but it is here. My own little boy is going to school for the first time. I am sure that some of you have seen my shadow tagging along with me at sporting events over the past two years. Those days of staying out late have come to an end because he now has to go to bed early so he can get up and go to school.

I am not sure how to feel about his first day of school. Part of me is excited while the other part is feeling a little sad that my firstborn is growing up and going to school.

My wife and I are not the only parents who are experiencing this change in their lives this year. The other night at Kindergarten orientation, we saw many other parents who are sending off their little ones for the first time.

My son is excited about going to school today. He has met his teacher, gotten his new backpack and practiced getting up early. Actually, that was the part he did not like so much. He does not understand what this day really means and he may not until he has to send his little one to school for the first time.

You see, the very first day of school is monumental, not simply because it means school has started up again but for what it represents in the big picture.

For my son, and my wife and I, today is the beginning of a journey. It will last for the next 13 years. That may seem like a long time but in reality we know that graduation day will be here before we know it.

Over the next few years, I am sure there will be many ups and downs. There will be the good report cards and sporting events and class plays. With those good things will come notes home from teachers, tough losses and occasional sick days.

So here we go. The journey begins. By the time most of you read this, that first trip to school will be over, the tears will have been shed and the learning process will have begun. All we can do now is sit back and enjoy the ride.

By the way, if today was not enough, my first daughter begins preschool in just a couple of weeks and we will have to do this all over again.