John McCain wins support in mock election

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By The Staff

The organizers would like to thank everyone for their help and cooperation in this year’s high school mock election. We feel it is very important to inform our students on the issues and candidates, and although most of our students cannot vote in tomorrow’s election, the winner of this election will affect all of our students as they enter college, the military or the workforce in the next four years. Again, thank you for your participation and cooperation over the last few weeks.

And now for the news you have all been waiting for:

The popular vote

The freshman class voted:

Sen. Obama 71 votes, Sen. McCain 64

The sophomore class voted:

Sen. Obama 65, Sen. McCain 57

The junior class voted:

Sen. Obama 37, Sen. McCain 56

The senior class voted:

Sen. Obama 47, Sen. McCain 70

The staff voted:

Sen. Obama 23, Sen. McCain 41

Total popular vote:

Sen. Obama 255, Sen. McCain 304

Elector vote winner

Sen. McCain 344, Sen. Obama 194

OCHS Mock Election Winner: The senator from Arizona – John McCain and the governor from Alaska – Sarah Palin.