I’m just saying ... No redistricting means Thayer will stay in Owen County for now

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By John Whitlock

It’s what they call a short session at the General Assembly.
Since the state’s legislature started holding annual meetings instead of every two years, the odd numbered years have been limited to 30 days instead of 90.
The state faces a lot of problems and 30 days doesn’t seem like a lot of time to address them in any realistic way.
Many of the people in the leadership ranks of the General Assembly have indicated that drawing new district lines will probably have to wait until next year because of the short time lawmakers will be in Frankfort and other pressing issues, such of pension reform, will take most of the focus away from redistricting.
And that’s not the worst thing that could happen.
When someone wins an elected office, it’s good to know that person will represent the people who voted them in and not someone appointed through redistricting.
Damon Thayer has served this community well and I hope the person the people elected will continue to represent Owen County.
Did you hear about the sheriff in eastern Kentucky who called a press conference to publicly declare that he wouldn’t enforce any gun-control laws that he deems unconstitutional?
So when did it become the job of law-enforcement officials to enforce only the laws they agree to uphold?
According to some media reports, Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman should focus on doing his job and trying to repair his relationship with the fiscal court which has called for an investigation into his office.
I have a regular debate with a conservative friend of mine over gun control. It’s one of those arguments that neither one of us can win.
I will fall on the side of tighter controls on who can have what and he will defend the opinion that the right to bear arms sacrosanct.
Will Obama come for your guns?
Will banning all semi-automatic guns end mass shootings?
Certainly not.
Is there a compromise that can protect our second amendment rights as well as curb these tragedies?
I have my doubts. None of the answers offered by either side seem realistic.
We can only hope that something gets done.
Congratulations to Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith and the members of the Owen County Fiscal Court for continuing to look outside the box for ways to improve the local economy.
As part of the Kentucky Connected group, Owen County agreed to hire Steve Dale as an economic developer. Because of donations from Owen Electric, the Owen County Industrial Authority and Kentucky American, the court’s share of Dale’s salary won’t come out of the county’s coffers.
Dale’s work may not bring jobs directly to Owen County but there are plenty of people here who could benefit from more jobs in the region. Plenty of people commute from Owenton to Frankfort to work.
Let’s hope that Dale is successful.
The city of Owenton continues to look for innovative ways to bring business to the community.
Owenton Mayor Doug West has enacted an incentive program that will waive property taxes for anyone building a new home or apartment complex within the city limits.
West’s plan also waives property taxes for three years for any new business that locates in Owenton.
Congratulations to Keith, West, the city council and the fiscal court for looking for innovative answers.

John Whitlock is the editor of the News-Herald.