I’m just saying ... Disney owns my childhood

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By John Whitlock

The ways things are going, in the next few years, the Disney company is going to own the rights to my mom and dad, the Evel Knievel bike I got for my 11th birthday and my aunt’s favorite fishing hole down by the dam beside her old house outside of Sadieville.
A few years ago, Disney bought Marvel Comics and got the rights to all their characters. Although some film studios retained the rights to make movies from some of the characters, eventually Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and all the rest will become “Disney-fied.”
That was a pretty big blow to my inner child who had grown up reading the adventures of the X-Men and the Avengers. For many years, Disney has a reputation of turning out child and family friendly goop for maximum return on their investment. For a young boy in the ‘70s, Disney conjured up images of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Herbie the Love Bug, Pete’s Dragon and countless other movies that didn’t exactly spark the interest of an older boy. The only attempt Disney made at a serious action or science-fiction movie was The Black Hole which, if you have seen it, is appropriately named.
Back then, Disney is what you went to go see with your family.
When a young, somewhat nerdy boy wanted real entertainment, action and adventure, he would turn to comic books or better yet, go to a theater and see a Star Wars movie.
Disney was to be avoided at all costs.
This week, it was announced that Disney had bought Lucasfilm, director and writer George Lucas’ company that owns the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, for $4 billion.
Soon, you could see Mickey Mouse taking on Darth Vader or Donald Duck arguing in gibberish with R2-D2.
Disney has announced they will be making new Star Wars movies in the next few years. They won’t be the same. They will be filtered through the machine of Disney.
Maybe I will go down to that fishing hole in Sadieville soon. At least no one can make a new one of those.

John Whitlock is the editor of the News-Herald