Horse in the road isn’t much of an obstacle

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By Bee Spicer

I got out Jan. 10 and stocked up on dog food and supplies and was in the house till Friday. I was beginning to feel like a house plant. I finished my last book on Thursday, so I was desperate to get to the library. This week looks much better, but just in case, I stocked up on books.
Ann had to go to work every morning. She said she was easing down the road one morning when she rounded the curve to the straight stretch in front of Wanda’s house and picked up in her headlights what she thought was the biggest deer she had ever seen. As she got closer, she realized it was a horse. Because Wanda was the only one on the road with a horse, she backed up and went to her door and knocked. She said she hated to get her up at 5:15 a.m. but she was afraid someone else would come along in the dark and hit it. Wanda said she was about to get up anyway and would get dressed and go get it. Ann said she would have stayed and helped her, but having been familiar with farm animals, she knew that they would follow someone they knew and run away from a stranger.
Wanda called her later and told her it didn’t take 10 minutes to get the horse back in the pasture. She was already looking for a way to get back in.
I stopped on the way home from Owenton at Don’s store to get news of Lou Ann and Frank McDonald. I found out she was at home and Frank had to be taken back to the hospital. He had fallen when he got home and had to be taken back to the hospital. They sent him to Cardinal Hill this time for some rehab and make sure he could get around OK before they sent him home again.
Rastus wasn’t at church again Sunday. He can’t control his leg and they are thinking of putting stints in it to get better blood flow to the leg. Pat didn’t get to church either. She had taken a cold and it has affected her eyes. She e-mailed me to let me know. All the above can use prayers for healing.
On a more upbeat note, Robbie called Saturday morning to ask for cousin Margaret’s phone number and address. They were planning a trip to Carrollton to visit her.
J.R. was as stir-crazy as I was, being in the house since Thanksgiving, and they were planning a “road trip.” She called later that evening to say he looked great. He’s gained back some of the weight he lost and was getting around just fine. I was glad to hear that. She got out of her cast recently. She still had a lot of swelling and pain but it’s a step forward.
Fay said she’d stayed in some last week. She was catching up on some sewing she’d put off. Jennifer came home for the long weekend. They went to Georgetown for lunch on Sunday and browsed through some of the antique stores. She said it was just something to do to get some exercise. She, like me, hasn’t got room for another piece of furniture in her house.
We decided in the meeting at church on Sunday to continue with the “Coffee and Conversation” for a few more Sundays.
Our group gets a bit larger each Sunday and we are getting some good ideas for programs and work that needs to be done — not only for the church, but outreach in the community. Please join us if you can at Monterey Christian Church at 10 a.m.