High winds smashes backyard pool

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By John Whitlock

For many years, the backyard pool has been a gathering place for John and Betty Ducker’s grandkids and some of the neighborhood kids looking to cool off from the summer heat.
But this year could be different after a freak wind rolled up from the valley behind their house on Ellis Road and demolished the family’s swimming pool early Friday morning as the couple slept.
“It was a horrible sound,” John Ducker. “I wasn’t sure what had happened.”
John Ducker later found the pool moved about eight or nine feet from where it normally sat. The wind had pushed one wall near the center of the pool. The cover that had been placed over the pool was found wrapped around a tree near the front of the house.
“We have been here for 38 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” John Ducker said.
Although the strong winds that move through the valley behind the house have caused some minor damage in the past, this is the first time part of the home has been damaged.
“We built this house ourselves and it has stood pretty well all these years,” John Ducker said.
As we enter the third week of spring, John Ducker said he hopes all the extreme weather is done for now.
“The weather has been so weird this year,” John Ducker said. “I’m just ready for it to warm up and things calm down.”
Although his homeowners’ insurance should cover the damage to the pool, John Ducker said he hopes he can get it replaced and ready to go for this summer.
“This thing is a big source of fun for our family, our grandkids,” John Ducker said. “I hope we can get it back up in time for everyone to enjoy it.”
No other significant damage from the Friday weather was reported to the News-Herald.