Guest Editorial: People should unite against political abuses

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By The Staff

An Aug. 5 Opinion letter from Chris LeSuer petitioned KACo (Kentucky Association of Counties) to provide an explanation for their representation of an Owen County official (to the tune of $51,000) accused of crimes against the taxpayers.

LeSuer referenced a July 1 article in the Lexington Herald which verified that KACo (a taxpayer-funded organization) routinely offers this type of representation.

The media exposure of KACo’s questionable practice of utilizing tax dollars in this manner has provoked some dissatisfaction in the community.

Even more alarming, is KACo’s use of our taxpayer funding to provide legal representation directly against the taxpayers who fund them.

KACo is currently representing the county in a lawsuit where the county has refused to repair a portion of a county-owned road (the county holds a deed to this road) that is in such disrepair that it can no longer be travelled on by a typical automobile.

Considering the $51,000 charges for a county official who never required legal representation in a trial (he resigned and pleaded guilty prior to trial by jury), it is only reasonable to assume that the legal efforts to help the county avoid their obligation to its citizens will easily exceed, double or triple the $51,000 fees incurred in just a few short months by the county official.

The requested remedy of putting a load of fresh gravel on the approximate 2,500 feet of deteriorated road would have been mere peanuts ($1 to $2,000) compared to the legal fees that are being incurred by the county’s refusal to take responsibility for a road that belongs solely to the county.

Ironically, their refusal is subsequent to a supreme court ruling that found the road to be owned, by deed, by Owen County. There are also state statutes and agreements that mandate counties to repair all county-owned roads, especially since the county receives a large sum of money from the state of Kentucky every year for repairs such as this.

I am beginning to believe that some strange and contagious virus has spread throughout all levels of government (local to federal), causing our so-called representatives to ignore the needs and/or the requests of the citizens and to squander all of our tax dollars on special interests organizations/entities.

The “good ole boy – you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” style of politics has finally gone too far at all levels. Too many of the individuals chosen to represent the citizens no longer seem to care about what is best for the people.

Maybe it is time that “we, the people” unite and make our voices one voice. We are after all, one country, one community, one people with one goal: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as our Declaration of Independence states.

Things will only get worse for all of us if we fail to stand as one and insist that our politicians change (or we will change the politicians).

It is now our responsibility to hold all officials accountable for their actions. People across the  nation are beginning to do this in town meetings and by letters and phone calls to their representatives. They are certainly holding us accountable for every decision we make as well as every decision they make.


Vicki Von Bokern