Guest columnist: How I came to Voice of Thunder

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by Rob Hale

In October of 2010, I was out of work as a truck driver. Nothing on my part was keeping from going to work but one of the companies that I used to work for several years ago had placed the wrong information down on a national data base. This was resolved after nearly two months of sitting at home.
I began to pray for I did not know if God was blocking my employment to place me in the ministry in a more full-time fashion.
We were already ministering four or five times a week with a teleconference ministry we had help to found called “The Unity Line” along with a new concept in media called skypetalk.org.
Naturally since I was being blocked from working, I thought that just maybe God was opening the doors for me to go into full-time ministry, a promise that I had made to God back in the 80s.
These events resulted in me having two dreams, both the same. Whenever this happens to me, I know God is up to something.
The dreams went like this:
I come into a building looking for work. The building looks like it was once used for food service, but there was not any food. The tables were set and the only person there was a gray-haired bread man with horn rim glasses. I inquired, “Sir my name is Robert Hale and I am looking for work, have you got any?”
The elderly gentleman responded with “What kind of work do you do son?”
I told him that I was a truck driver by trade, to which he replied, “Son, if I had any truck driving work that would be down on the farm, hauling cattle, and that would only be part time. But since I no longer have any cattle, I don’t have any work for you.”
I looked around and observed with the statement, “This place use to be a church.”
The gray-haired man informed me that it used to be a Church of God and that it still had its charter. To which I inquired, “Well I am an ordained minister, do you need a pastor?”
He declared, “Now son, that’s a full-time job.”
And the dream was over.
This impressed me so much I wrote both the Church of God councils in Tennessee and Virginia, to which I did not get a favorable response from either one.
In May of 2011, I was invited to preach in a revival at the Voice of Thunder. We had a good time and I asked the only consistent member Elder Tom what he used to do for a living. He said that he use to have some cattle but no longer raised any. The name on the sign out side was Christ Cathedral Church of God and the charter is still in the name of the Voice of Thunder. And when I arrived they were clearing out old foodstuffs left there by a former food pantry ministry.
Two days later when I was talking to the evangelist that had invited me to the Voice of Thunder about the sign outside, and the Lord reminded me of the dream. Seven out of seven different points of the dream came true. Then my trucking job gave me favor to come and to minister in my first pastor position, in a building that is.
Just so happens that the Lord told me to take the title of  pastor in Apirl of 2011.
Like the late, great Charles Tinsley, I am preaching to a not yet existent crowd believing that God has sent me to the Voice of Thunder to impart what he has given me over the years. Looking forward to a group hungry to have and know more of God.
One day we would like to minister a school of ministry to send out others to do the work of the gospel as well. My wife and I feel most blessed to be called to the Voice of Thunder, for the season of his choosing.
Rob Hale is the pastor of Voice of Thunder Church.