Grassroots helps keep party strong

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Letter to the editor: Marc Carey

I am writing to thank the Owen County Republican Committee for inviting me to speak with them at The Smith House recently and to congratulate them on their successful re-organization this year.
As many people know, the Republican Party is organized from the grassroots upward every four years.  People meet in their own precincts to select officers and delegates. Those officers and delegates then meet at the county convention followed by the district convention, state convention and eventually the national convention this fall to establish a platform and to nominate a candidate for president. The role of the county party in this process is vital and provides tangible proof that we are, as Abraham Lincoln said, a nation “of the people.”
I would also like to congratulate the members of the Owen County party for adopting resolutions expressing support for life.  Defending the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn and the elderly, is a major reason why I am running for Congress. Protecting our senior citizens and unborn children have been issues near to my heart for many years and are now central to my campaign for Congress.
And last but not least, I applaud and support the resolutions passed by the committee which stand solidly behind Israel and in defense of its right to Biblical borders.
We should not, cannot, and must not as a nation, ignore the covenants of the Bible.  We are one nation, under God and it is by his grace, and upon his authority we must act in defense of his creation.  Thank you for taking a stand.
Marc Carey
Poplar Grove