Grant will fund monthly help for Owen Co. hungry

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By Molly Haines

The First Christian Church of Owenton has accepted a grant from the Cincinnati Freestore Foodbank to continue distributing food over the next three years in hopes of becoming a partnering agency with the Foodbank.
The church had been distributing food four times a year, but with the grant will now distribute the third Saturday of every month through March 2015.
After March 2015, a new schedule will be put into place.
Pat Beverly, a distribution volunteer, said the grant to continue distributing would not pay for a brick and mortar food pantry which will be needed to become a community partner and a part of the Feed America program.
The church has formed a committee, FCC Community Food Pantry, with the Owen County Clothing Center as a sponsoring entity.
Any donation will be tax deductible, Beverly said.
“The 200 people that we were serving every quarter will not be able to get food six times a year instead of four,” Beverly said. “All of the food distributed meets all nutritional requirements of the FDA. The last truck we had included vegetables, produce, meat, starches, cereal, breads and they also included some household items like toothbrushes and toilet paper.”
The church has served an average of 200 families, approximately 500 people every time a distribution has been held.
Beverly said the church was chosen because of its participation over the years and how well the distribution is ran.
“The only condition of the grant is that it cannot be faith-based,” Beverly said. “We are not allowed to witness or to force our religious beliefs of anyone that receives food.”
Beverly said the church is always looking for help in distributing the food.