Going around Robin Hood’s barn

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By Bee Spicer

What a beautiful weekend. Saturday was very nice, but Sunday was spectacular. It went up to 58 degrees on my thermometer.
Pat, Ann and I went to Louisville to another play. Somebody in the ticket office really messed up this year. We had no play in January, which was no real hardship, considering the weather. But we had two plays scheduled on consecutive Saturdays in February. It was a good drama and very well done, but I’m just about all cultured out at the moment.
We stopped at the Cracker Barrel at the Blankenbaker exit to eat lunch. I hadn’t seen Pat for several weekends, so I enjoyed catching up with her family. It was my turn to drive and because the construction of “Yum” stadium was finished and the road reopened, I had no qualms about getting to the theater, until I turned down the 3rd Street exit and got shoveled off to the right exit onto River Road. Louisville was having a basketball game and every cop and orange cone was in place to keep me from getting one block up and two doors down to get into Brown Theater. Both Ann and Pat were franticly giving me directions on where to turn and what lane to get into to make our destination, both praying fervently that I wouldn’t run over something or someone. I am a good driver but do not like to be throttled when I can see my destination and have to go around Robin Hood’s barn to get there. We did make it in one piece and someone else will drive the next time.      
The Cornhole National Tournament was held at the Horseshoe Casino in Indiana this year. Noel Thomas and Charles Gregory drove up there this time. It had been held at Las Vegas in years past and they flew out there. I don’t think they missed the hassle of flying. They both won several games and some money but didn’t make the finals this year; however, they had a good time. The game is getting so big that they will just have to practice harder and get back to their winning ways next year.
Wanda and Joyce were invited to the Mt. Zion Church Valentine’s party Saturday evening. The community room was decorated for the holiday and there was a lasagna supper. Afterwards, several couples participated in a version of the old “Newlywed Game.” The couples tried to match their answers to their mates. Wanda said it was harder than one would think. Do you really know your spouse? Wanda said it provided a lot of good-natured laughs at some of the answers the couples came up with. They enjoyed their time there, then went to Franco’s to dance to the music of “Sugarfoot,” till about midnight. She said the band will be playing there for four weeks. She said she saw several friends from Sweet Owen eating supper there. The restaurant is now called “Franki and Johnny’s.” Whatever the name, it’s still in the same place and serves good food.
Nobody seems to have had a birthday this week except Lincoln. Lou Ann is still house-bound but progressing nicely, Rosemary told me at church Sunday morning.
We had our 10 o’clock coffee and business meeting. We will be there at 10 next week if any one would like to join us. We are trying to get some community outreach programs started and welcome any input.
It looks like Mother Nature is going to smile on us this week. Everybody I talked to is planning some kind of outside yard work. I am going to have to do likewise. Jessie has brought every deer carcass within a three-mile radius and deposited them on my side yard. I saw Rowdy carrying a leg bone as big as he is. Now that the snow had melted he can find them. These are the trials and tribulations of  owning free-ranging pets.
Well, it gets me out of the house.