Getting the newspaper online is easy

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By John Whitlock

Several people have asked about last week’s front-page article on our move to a subscription-based website, effective Feb. 23.
If you’re a subscriber to the News-Herald, don’t worry. You’ll have access to all news and other content at OwentonNewsHerald.com. Access to the website is free for all of our print subscribers.
But you will have to take a few, quick steps to get registered, then you’ll be ready to use the website version of the newspaper.
It’s an easy process. All you need to do is go to your computer with a copy of your News-Herald that has your name printed on it. Look for the area below “The News-Herald” near the top right corner, where it says “login to your account.” Click on the link that says “Register.”
On the next web page, you’ll be asked to input the four-digit account number from the top line of the mail label on your paper. Those are the first four numbers next to the subscription expiration date. Enter those digits, along with the street address exactly as it appears on your label. For example, if you live on Roland Avenue but it appears as “Roland Ave” use it exactly like it is printed (i.e., Roland Ave).
Next, a window will pop up to let you input your e-mail address and a password, along with all of your other information.
Once you complete this step, you’re set and registered to enjoy OwentonNewsHerald.com.
If you’re not a subscriber, you’ll have the option to try out the website free for 30 days. If you like what we have to offer, we hope you choose to subscribe to the News-Herald so that you can continue your online access and get a copy of the print version every week.
Our website offers all the news, sports, opinion and photos that you see in the newspaper each week. In fact, the electronic edition of the newspaper at OwentonNewsHerald.com allows you to view each page of the newspaper on your screen, just as it appears in the print edition. Also online, there is additional content you can enjoy, such as blogs, photo slide shows, video from local events, and much more.
Sign up for the free 30-day trial and see what the website has to offer.
Subscription revenue is an important part of the funding for our news and information efforts.
It’s important to us that our readers help pay for these services, regardless of whether they choose to read our news in print or online.
We value your readership and hope you visit our website often.
Register today and be ready for the switch; if you’re not a subscriber now, rememeber that 30-day free trial.