Friends come to aid of society

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By Bonnie Strassell

It’s been eulogized in stories and poetry, and has been characterized as judgment of a stern, uncompromising old man, or soft feathers lightly shaken from a pillowcase. It can be light and airy, crusty or crunchy. It is a delight for children and a barely tolerable event for adults. It can evoke pleasure gliding atop its surface, shooting sprays of sparkled dust, which dissipate into the air; or wreak havoc if the gliding involves damage to a car or injury to a person. Not willing to take the chance of injuring our illustrious guest speaker, our membership, or visitors, the historical society cancelled our January meeting. Ron Devore, Owen County musician and artist, has agreed to speak at a future meeting, and the date will be announced in this column.
The historical society, however, did hold a board meeting Jan. 6, which included approving a budget for 2011. Barbara F. Howard from Frankfort was told of the museum’s need for donations via the article in the News-Herald. She is not a member of the Owen County Historical Society, but came to visit the museum and graciously made a donation. Membership is not a requirement to donate, and please keep us in mind in your estate-planning. The funeral homes also have cards on which an organization can be designated for charitable contributions in memory of a loved one. A donation to the Owen County Historical Society would be an opportunity for you to help preserve your heritage for future generations.
We have been unable to hold our fund-raisers this past year. Sickness and other concerns cancelled our plans for fund-raising dinners, but Jarl Harris presented an idea at the board meeting which will give the whole community a chance to help us raise funds for the operating costs of the museum. We are planning to put donation cans in places of business in the community in hope that you will be generous, although any amount is greatly appreciated. Jeannie Baker donated a pot-rack light fixture for the kitchen at the museum, which will add to the character of our Hartsough Home; and Jarl Harris offered to pay for an awning over the side door, which will help preserve the door frame. When the weather warms, Darrel Baker will be repairing the broken bricks on the front walk and paint our many window frames affected by the weather. The siding on the front porch will also be given a fresh coat of paint. If anyone would like to make a donation for these necessary repairs, please specify on your check.
We have grand plans for the summer, and it will arrive even though glances out the window seem to dispute the fact.
On June 25, the Historical Society will host an “Owen County History Appreciation Day.” All are welcome and visitors will be given a tour of the museum. At the end of the tour, each person will receive a ticket for a complimentary hot dog, bag of chips, drink, and cookie (no carry-out available). We are also asking anyone in the county if he/she has an article of Owen County history (not too large) which would be donated as a prize for a raffle. Entertainment will be provided by our special guest, “Journey’s End,” whose members are Gladys Bowling, Betty Chappel, Carlene Dunavent, Larry Dale Perry, Dean Riddle, and Phyllis White. They have joined together to inspire young and old alike with the good news of the gospel through their songs. Please mark your calendars for this opportunity for Owen countians to gather in celebration of their history.
On Aug. 30, the Owen County Historical Society will be the host for the six-county historical society picnic at the extension office, and we are making plans for an unforgettable evening with our neighboring historical societies. Perhaps you would consider joining our society? Remember, history embraces everyone, and our past and what we do with it affects our future.