Friends of Bethany talk about the good old days

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By Jim Lawrence
For the News-Herald
There were 14 friends of Bethany School who met at Noble Restaurant on July 13.
Attendees were Emma Juett, Donald Crupper, Ernest and Sara Smith, Lucille Mason, Lois Skirvin, Fanny Whitton, Gene Wynn, Jean Murphy, Duard and Ann Glass and Betty and Jim Lawrence.
Much conversation related to time spent on school buses to and from school.
Most school terms in the 1940s began following Labor Day.
Since many families were tobacco farmers, the boys were needed at home to help harvest the crop. Some talked about walking across the wooden Natlee covered bridge and reboarding the school bus.
Class plays were noted as an adventure.
On one occasion, class members were involved in a mishap when several became covered with wallpaper paste.
Children and grandchildren were also favorite topics of discussion.
Each year, it is sad to learn of the death or serious illness of a group member.
Plans were discussed to meet for a Thanksgiving lunch in mid November. No one was in hurry to return to their respective homes.