Flood of answers to farmers’ drought questions

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Extension Service News By Kim Strohmeier

Many Owen County farmers have been concerned over the fall and winter about how their pastures will come back after last summer’s drought. What are the chances that the grass and clover will return this spring? How can I evaluate what I have now? What will it cost to reseed and renovate this spring, and will it pay? What weed problems can we expect, and how should they be dealt with? What, if anything, could have been done differently last year to help protect pastures from drought?
To address these and other questions that farmers might have, a meeting on managing pastures after last year’s drought has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at the Owen County Extension Office.
Anyone interested in finding out more about this is invited to attend. Call the extension office at 484-5704 for more information.

Farm succession to be addressed at cattlemen’s association
Many Owen County farmers’ retirement is tied to the farm itself. It can take some careful planning to actually retire from the farming business. Also tied to the retirement plans is the idea of what is going to happen to the farm itself. Is it going to be transferred to another generation or is it going to be sold on the open market? Are there other options if neither of these appeals to the landowner farmer.
Farm succession will be the topic of this month’s Owen County Cattlemen’s Association meeting. Speakers will be representatives of the Northern Kentucky CPA firm of MelBrook PLLC.
The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the extension office. All Owen County cattlemen and their families are invited to. As a meal is being provided, call the extension office for reservations by Friday afternoon.

Heart of America Grazing Conference
Forages, grazing techniques and pasture management will be topics covered during the Heart of America Grazing Conference Jan. 26 at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne in Louisville.
This long-time conference is a widely respected program, featuring experts on grazing management from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.
Topics this year include grazing non-traditional forages, such as brassicas, chicory, eastern gamagrass, ryegrass and oats. Other topics include extending the grazing season, co-species grazing, integrated weed management, management-intensive grazing, and pasture management.
Registration is charged. For more information, call the office at 484-5704.