Firefighter dies after responding to call

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Coroner says death may have been heart related

By Molly Haines

An Owen County volunteer firefighter died after responding to a call late Saturday night.

Although the pumper truck he was driving crashed, the accident is not believed to be the cause of death for the 60-year-old Terry Sharon, a firefighter with the Monterey Volunteer Fire Department.

According to a press release by the Kentucky State Police, Sharon had responded to a report of a motor-vehicle accident and was returning to the firehouse. He was driving east on Sawridge Creek Road in a 1978 Ford fire truck when the truck left the road and traveled about 150 feet before colliding with an unoccupied fifth-wheel camper parked on the property neighboring the Monterey Volunteer Fire Department.

Sharon was transported to New Horizons Regional Medical Center by Owen County EMS where he was pronounced dead.

Owen County Coroner Lannis Garnett said the suspected cause of death is cardiac related.

There were no significant injuries from the accident that would have caused his death, Garnett said.

“We will have to wait until the toxicology report comes back to know the official cause of death,” Garnett said. “That will take about four to six weeks.”

Training and Public Relations Officer for the Monterey Volunteer Fire Department Russ Allen said Sharon had been a volunteer firefighter for two years.

“He was a dedicated volunteer,” Allen said. “The fire department was his life.”

Allen said if there was ever any training available, Sharon would always go.

“He always went after training,” Allen said. “He just got ate up with being a firefighter and loved every minute of it.”

Allen said there are 18 volunteer firefighters at the Monterey Volunteer Fire Department and each would have their own memories of Sharon.

“Everybody’s going to have their own memories,” Allen said. “Whether it’s of his work as a volunteer firefighter or the practical jokes he played on people or they played on him.”

Allen said he hopes the county will keep the city of Monterey in their prayers.

“We covet your prayers for the fire department and the community at large during this difficult time,” Allen said.

Allen said Sharon’s funeral date is unknown but he will be receiving a full firefighter’s funeral.

The collision is currently under investigation by Sgt. Ezra Stout with the Kentucky State Police.