Farm Service News: Deadline approaches for non-insured assistance program agriculture crops

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Producers are reminded of upcoming application deadlines for the Non-insured Assistance Program.
NAP is designed to reduce financial losses that occur when natural disasters cause a catastrophic loss of production for an eligible crop by providing coverage equivalent to catastrophic insurance.
Producers enrolled in the 2012 NAP program need to provide actual production to the Farm Service office to establish an actual production history yield.
Once a person establishes four years of actual production history, their yield will be based on the actual production to calculate benefits should a disaster occur.
For eligibility information, contact the Owenton Farm Service Office.
Upcoming NAP application deadlines
Sept. 30 - Barley (grain), oats, rye, TEFF, and wheat
Nov. 11 - Apples, blueberries, caneberries, cherries, grapes, honey, peaches, pears, and plums
\If you have sold or bought land, changed tenants, or rented additional land, contact the FSA center so farm records can be updated.
Also, If you make any changes in your bank account or change banks notify FSA to ensure payments reach your account timely.
For more information on FSA programs please contact Mike Benton, county executive director, at the Owenton Farm Service Center 205 West Perry Street, Owenton; 502-484-3979.