End of an era

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After entertaining Owen County for over two decades, Croxton family decides to close

By The Staff

After nearly 25 years of entertaining Owen County, the owners of Croxton’s Video and Tanning are closing the doors due to increased competition and a rough economy.

Brothers Ronnie and Mark Croxton and mom June Croxton each agreed that it had been a good run.

“We’re from Henry County but we probably know more people here and have more friends here than we do there,” Ronnie Croxton said. “We’ll probably never see some of them again. That’s the worst part about it.”

Ronnie Croxton said he got the idea to begin a movie-rental store while working as a truck driver.

“I used to drive a semi,” Ronnie Croxton said. “I got a VCR and started taping stuff and then I found out you could rent movies and started renting them from a guy over in Lawrenceburg. He’s the one that talked me into it. We started looking for a place to put one that didn’t have a movie rental store already and that’s how we came to Owenton.”

The Croxtons agreed that the rough economy and the ease of getting movies online has been rough on the business.

“There are so many ways to get entertainment now,” Ronnie Croxton said. “The Internet hasn’t helped us at all.”

The Croxton’s said they have been happy to bring entertainment to Owen County for so many years.

“We’ve brought a lot of entertainment to the people,” Mark Croxton said. “And I think a lot of these girls are going to miss having a place to tan.”

Ronnie Croxton said for now, the future is unclear.

“The next step is to find a job,” Ronnie Croxton said. “We’ve probably got about a month and a half left of this. We racked our brains trying to think of another business we could put in this building but we just couldn’t think of anything; and with the economy being the way it is right now, starting up another business probably wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Ronnie Croxton said his family would miss the people the most, while Mark Croxton said the business side of things would be missed the least.

“We just want to thank the people for letting us be here this long,” Ronnie Croxton said.

It’s like moving away from your hometown, June Croxton said.

“I’m 80 years old and I’ve been with them since they started,” June Croxton said. “We sure will miss everybody.”