Elk Lick Baptist

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Bro. John’s message was on “Planking Ahead,” John 14:1-3. Jesus said he prepared us a place and will come back to get us. We need to plan for our trip. Jesus will come in the blink of an eye. The dead will rise first, then the saved will rise in the air to meet him. We pack for a trip now — when Jesus comes we don’t need anything but ourselves. We need to change our currency for heavenly currency. We need to help others. We need to use our gifts for the Lord and store accounts in Heaven. We need a ticket to travel here — our trip to Heaven is free, paid by Jesus on the cross. Accept the Lord, confess him as your Savior and your ticket is ready for you.
“Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me,” was sung by Louise Johnson. Prayer concerns are healing of the sick, shut-ins, missionaries, military, our special prayer list, family who lost loved ones, and unsaved family and friends. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.
At 5 p.m. Sunday night, Don Wainscott will show a presentation of Answers in Genesis.