Election Preview 2010 - District Four Magistrate

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By The Staff

Troy M. Bramblett, 39, candidate for  fourth-district magistrate.

Occupation and Education: Farmer, developer, real estate and real estate appraiser. Recieved a bachelor’s degree in social work from Morehead State University.

Family: Married to Rhonda; father to Taylor, Evan and Colby. Also the son of W.B. and FaDana Bramblett and brother to Tracy Allnut and Stephanie Howard.

Most important issues facing Owen County and how to address them: “Owen County is not the same place it was 20 to 30 years ago. During that times most of the farms had tobacco and we were able to have a good living. There was money being made in the county. There were many businesses, such as Lermans and Western Auto. The grocery stores were busy and you had someone to pump your gas. Is it the same today? Owen County is fading away. We need to find ways to support and bring in small business in the county. We need to support our farms and help them find new ways of making a living by farming. We need our people to be able to stay in the county, work in the county and shop in the county.”

What changes in local government would you like to make if you win your election? “I want our local government to be more transparent and consider having a transit room tax (hotel tax). To accomplish transparency, we need the fiscal court’s expenditures and magistrate reports put online. By posting the expenditures online it makes it more accessible for the public to review and see where their money is being spent and will help to insure that the taxpayers’ dollars are spent wisely. The magistrate reports posted online will enable the public to be more aware of the issues the magistrates are working on. It will also show the public that more magistrates are working the minimum 100 hours that is required per month. The transit room tax (hotel tax) is on the tourist who rents a room at a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or cottages that are in Owen County. Virtually all hotels, motels, bed and breakfast and cottages have some type of a transit tax no matter what county or state they are located in. It is not a tax on the owners of these businesses, it’s not a tax on the citizen of Owen County, it is a tax on the person who spends the night here. The money collected will go to support a tourism director/grant writer that will enable us to compete for grants to help fund the projects and services of the county without creating additional burden on the Owen County taxpayers.”

What are the differences between you and your opponent? “I think that’s it’s important for us to focus on the real problems of Owen County. We need to address them, work on them and try to find the best solution. We do not need to occupy ourselves or waste time and money on issues that Owen County is not even ready for or is any way close to being an issue. I believe that we need to listen and focus on real concerns that our citizens have today and the real issues that we may have tomorrow. We don’t need to run a scare tactic campaign where the real problems are not even addressed and left for someone else to figure it out or decide for us.”

What would you like to tell the voters of Owen County about yourself and your vision for Owen County? “I don’t have a magic wand nor do I have all the solutions to the problems that Owen County has. But I do know that we have these issues and that we must start addressing them now and we should have been addressing them yesterday. I want my sons to have the choice to be able to work and live in Owen County. I don’t want them to move away and not be close to us nor do I think that you would want the same for your children, grandchildren and extended family. I believe that Owen County has all the opportunity in the world for us to be a better place. We need to change our attitudes and the way we do things. Yes, let’s start believing that we can chance things in Owen County. Yes, let’s start thinking outside of the box. Yes, let’s get out of the old routine and not do what we have always done before. Yes, let’s keep Owen County’s rural heritage, and yes, we need to work together and do what is best for Owen County.”