Election 2012 • Candidate Questionnaires: Soil and Water Conservation

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Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith, 67, candidate for Owen County Conservation district supervisor, retired farmer.
Two plus years of college.
Married to Martha L. Smith.

What are the most important issues facing the soil and water conservation and what would you do to address them?
Many federal and state programs will be scaled back and may be in jeopardy of being eliminated due to budget cuts. Our local Owen County Conservation District is charged with the task of providing programs that will help the local farmer, ultimately to help in sustaining the farming community, specifically in the area of soil and water conservation. Building good soils and utilizing water responsibly are essential elements for farm products of today and for our next generation of farmers. I am interested in working with the other supervisors to provide those services.

What changes in local government would you like to make if you win your election?
I would like to continue (and be a part of) a long-standing group focusing on conservation and helping the local farmers and our community. It is my opinion that Owen County has been fortunate to have good leadership in the past. Those leaders continue to look for ways to help our community.

What would you like to tell the voters of Owen County about yourself and your vision for Owen County?
I am continually impressed with our schools and our community. Our young people are our most valuable resource. One area we can be a part of their lives is to continue working on farm related jobs that can sustain their future. Kentucky now has several programs that will help all farm related revenues to improve their market access for their products. I am interested in continuing that vision.

Also running: John L. Hetterman