Egg hunt gets sunny side of the weather

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Skies cooperate for first-ever community Easter celebration

By Molly Haines

When Buck Beverly became Owen County Parks and Recreation director last August, the first thing on his agenda was a community-wide event.
Only a few months into his new post, Beverly put together an activities committee and presented his idea of a community-wide Easter egg hunt to the group.
“I told them I wanted to plan a community-wide event and that I had the Easter egg hunt in mind,” Beverly said. “It was met with a lot of hard looks, a lot of confused looks.”
But the activities committee agreed to the idea and planning for the event took off that day.
The first Owen County Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt was held Saturday and Beverly said he was shocked by the amount of support and participation the event received.
“We sent letters to every church and six of those churches participated,” Beverly said. “They did everything from providing water and hot chocolate to coloring eggs and sewing grass.”
Other participants included Beka’s Toppers, an Owen County Girls Scout Troop, and Hope’s Hands and a petting zoo.
In order to raise money for the event, Beverly said eight different local businesses contributed to Easter baskets that were raffled off during the day.
“We had someone at the front gate and she did a physical count,” Beverly said. “She counted 975 people, but we know there were people coming in the back, we think we had at least a 1,000 people show up.”
Approximately 8,500 were placed and Beverly said nothing could compare to the smiles on children’s faces as they took part in the day’s events.
“It made me feel wonderful,” Beverly said. “It goes to show that if you provide a little bit, people will respond. It’s good to see so many young children having a good day.”
Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith, Owenton Mayor Doug West and three Owen County magistrates also attended the event.
“Having the support of those elected officials probably did it for me on that particular day,” Beverly said. “To know that they supported our endeavor was a great feeling.”
With the success of this year’s event, Beverly said he feels sure another will be held next year.