Drug war is worth fighting

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I was talking to our good sheriff, Zemer Hammond, about this time a year ago, give or take a little either way. Zemer and a trooper was checking out an incident that happened just across the street from where I live. Our sheriff looked up at me and he said, “Hank, drugs are ruining this county.” I could not agree with him more, except for one little detail.
You stop the dealers from having it brought into our county, then you stop the flow of drugs. Now our city police, the sheriff’s department, the state police and the DEA, they’re all working hard on this big problem, and they’re all doing a great job. But it takes a lot more. It takes the people to stand up and say we’ve had enough. You parents, grandparents and great-great-grandparents, if you want your children, your grandchildren and even your great-great-grandchildren to have a better, brighter and safer future, then stand up and write your senators, your congressmen, even Washington, D.C. Let them know you want stiffer laws for drug violations. Do it for your family and their future families. So they don’t have to go through with what a lot of us have been through. Do it today or tomorrow. Let your voice be heard and make a big difference and help save your children and your children’s children. Do it for them.
I thank you and God bless.

Hank Wilhoite