Don’t let scam stop woman from chasing dream

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Starting up a small business is hard enough.
Countless hours of planning and many sleepless nights will be spent when a person decides to chase their dream and build something out of nothing.
It’s part of the American dream.
It doesn’t help when people are our to take advantage of you.
This weekend should have been a moment of pride for News-Herald staffer Roberta Sell. Along with all the duties she has at the newspaper, Roberta is trying to start her own wedding photography business. Her first big leap into the world of business was supposed to take place at a wedding services expo in Louisville this weekend.
She was prepared to open a booth, meet with people and show off her talent to hundreds of potential clients.
Unfortunately, the organizer of the event appears to be less than scrupulous and the expo has been canceled.
The organizer is nowhere to be found.
Roberta had hundreds of dollars invested in the expo and that money appears to be lost. The host of the event suggested she contact the U.S. Department of Justice.
Losing the money is rough but for Roberta and many others trying to start a business in this tough economy, there is something else more at risk.
There doesn’t need to be these kind of illegal roadblocks.
Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy and we should all take the time to remember that and encourage small businesses any way we can.
So if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, take a moment and check out Roberta’s web site at http://www.goldenhphotography.com
I think you’ll like what you see and you could be helping another person reach their dream.