Dog owner concerned over meatballs

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Police send evidence to state lab for testing

An Owen County man says someone tried to poison his dogs by slipping rat poison into balls of meat thrown on his property.
Dick Reeves of 1550 227N. said he happened to be on his front porch in late January when he saw a pick-up pull into a drive adjacent to his property.
“It was pretty weird,” Reeves said. “This person got out of the truck, started throwing stuff in my yard.”
After the person crossed the fence over into his property, Reeves left the porch and began to approach the person.
Reeves said the person jumped back over the fence and the truck sped away.
Soon after, Reeves noticed his dogs began getting sick.
Reeves was told the meat, which was about the size of a golf ball, probably contained rat poison.
“I have no idea why anyone would do that,” Reeves said. ”I have a little grandson who walks around my yard. What if he had picked one of those up and put it in his mouth?”
Reeves said one of his pets have died but several became very sick.
Reeves said he puts his dogs up at night and has no idea why someone would want to poison his animals.
“If they were running around at night and were threatening people, I could understand that,” Reeves said.”If a dog comes on your property and you feel threatened, then shoot them. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done but I don’t understand this.”
Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond said a meatball was sent off to the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab in Frankfort for analysis.
“There is nothing we can really do until the results come back,” Hammond said. “It may takes weeks. They do things there by priority so it’s hard to tell when we will get the results.”