Disappointed daughter calls for return of birdfeeder

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By The Staff

This letter comes to you in outrage and the very deepest disappointment.

My mother, Paula Nye, passed away three years ago. She loved birds and had several birdfeeders strategically placed around her house so she could view them from every window of the room in which she lived out her illness.

After she was buried in the Monterey Cemetery, I felt she would enjoy having birds continue to visit and be nourished at her graveside. To that end, I invested (quite a sum I might add) in a beautiful and durable birdfeeder from Wildbirds Unlimited. I wanted her to have the very best – something that could withstand the elements and would last a very, very long time.

For the past three years, our family and friends have religiously continued to fill that birdfeeder when visiting her grave and enjoyed knowing she has reveled in the numerous birds that have kept her company between our visits.

However, when my daughter went to visit two Saturdays past, my mother’s beautiful birdfeeder was gone. I have called the caretaker of the Monterey Cemetery to find out if he knew anything about its disappearance. He did not. My only conclusion is that someone has either stolen or “borrowed” it.

If anyone reading this letter knows anything about the whereabouts of my mother’s graveside birdfeeder, please encourage its return. No questions need be answered. Please simply return it to its rightful place. I am certain my mother misses the visits of her flighted friends as much as we miss them.

Sara Ellis