Dealing with a bout of level 2 cabin fever

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By Brian Blair

I once took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in early March. I was broadcasting basketball on the radio at the time for Northern Kentucky University and the team headed north to play Lake Superior State University.

The team lost and the next morning on the bus outside the hotel I was listening to a local disc jockey who said with much enthusiasm that the current temperature was -2 degrees. He then went on to say that spring was just around the corner.

While I appreciated his optimism, I’ve never quite understood it.

Over the last two weeks, we have seen our fair share of snow and ice. Many people were stuck in their homes with nothing to do and many did it without electricity. I was stuck at my full-time job for four days with nothing but an air mattress, a small television and a Playstation. While I was very thankful for a warm place to stay I, like so many others, was happy to see the warm temperatures that arrived over the weekend.

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I could do without anymore of the white stuff this winter. Besides, if Owen County schools miss any more days they may have to plan graduation around the Fourth of July.

Even my son was excited to see the grass in the backyard Saturday. He said he was glad the snow was going away because he could not wait to go outside and play baseball.

While mowing the grass is not my favorite pastime I can honestly say I am looking forward to that first day when I have a reason to get on the mower. Last week, I could not remember what the grass even looked like.

I wonder what most people did with the time at home. I am sure some did housework, some played video games. Still others wasted away the time glued to the coverage of the storm on their favorite local television station. We will never forget and will be forever grateful for “dash-cam.” How would we have known how bad the roads were without it? A few even watched numerous hours of the Andy Griffith Show they had recorded on their DVR.

It should not go unnoticed the great jobs turned in by many people throughout the community during the storm. The road department did a good job of keeping the roads clean while the local utilities got the lights back on as fast as they possibly could.

I know spring is coming despite what the furry rodent in Pennsylvania predicted. The signs are everywhere. The baseball and softball teams begin practice next week and we are less than a month away from springing the clocks ahead an hour.

Basketball season is concluding, which means it’s almost time for March Madness, which means warmer temperatures. Wait a minute. If I am not mistaken, last year’s big winter storm did not take place until March. I guess that means we have something to look forward to.