Crop planting deadlines near

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Farm Service News By Claudia Baney

NAP and RMA Insurance participants are reminded of upcoming final planting dates for 2011 crops.
Burley tobacco: June 20
Corn for grain: June 15 for NAP participants
Soybeans: June 15 for NAP participants
For prevented planted crops, producers have until July 15 to report any prevented planted acreage, with the exception of small grains.

Crop Certification
Acreage reports are required for many Farm Service Agency programs. Acreage reports are needed to maintain eligibility for the Noninsured Crop Assistance Program and the Conservation Reserve Program. The final date to report all crops, except small grains and certain NAP crops is July 15. Reports filed after the reporting deadline are subject to a late-reporting fee. Please remember that filing an accurate acreage report, including failed acreage and prevented planting acreage, can prevent the loss of benefits for a variety of programs. Failed acreage must be reported within 15 days of the disaster event and before disposition of the crop. Acreage reports on crops for which NAP assistance may be paid, are due in the county office by the earlier final crop reporting date or 15 calendar days before the onset of harvest or grazing.
County committee election nominations

The Farm Service Agency is seeking candidates for the farmer-elected County Committee election for Local Administrative Area Two (LAA-2), which encompasses the central part of the county including the communities of Owenton and Gratz.
The County Committee is an important part of the delivery of USDA services to farmers and FSA wants to include farmers in nontraditional operations and people whose livelihoods are made on farming.
As part of the committee, members make important decisions on local programs such as commodity price support loans, establishing allotments and yields, and eligibility for farm loans, conservation activities, and disaster assistance. The County Committee needs everyone — both voters and as active participants as candidates for membership.
If you have any questions or would like to receive a nomination form, please stop by the Owenton Farm Service Center.
For more information on USDA and FSA programs please contact Ronn Pelfrey, County Executive Director, at the Owenton Farm Service Center, 205 West Perry St., Owenton; (502) 484-3979.