County needs a fresh start

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By The Staff

It’s a sad day for Owen County when thieves are in control of taxpayers’ money. It’s been said before, “there is no end to corruption in government,” and this proves it. This theft is just another example of why people have no confidence in our elected officials. Talk about the fox watching the hen house.

My congratulations to the Owen County grand jury, but it can’t stop there.

Our court system must make an example of these thieves so as to discourage others from trying the same thing.

Kentucky state law says “in all instances where county money is involved, the fiscal court is responsible.” Seems like no one is doing their job.

You wonder why so few bother to go vote! In light of recent revelations, it’s up to the prosecutors and jury to get these people off the taxpayers’ back.

As for the magistrates, I have but one comment: How many workers do you know who take a job without first knowing how much they would get paid and what their duties were?

Seems to me all involved should offer their resignation and we, the voters, can start over.

Shirley Glass

Corinth, Ky.