County honors school board members

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Fiscal court to form specialized committees to address issues

By Molly Haines

Following a proclamation made by Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith, all citizens are urged to honor local school board members throughout the month of January.
On Jan. 11, the Owen County Fiscal Court held its first regular meeting of the year, where Keith signed a proclamation honoring the members of the Owen County Board of Education during the 2011 observance of School Board Member Recognition Month.
“Terry Patterson, Brett McDonald, Brian Young, Stuart Bowling and Dr. Larry Johnson contribute greatly to the reputation of our school district by virtue of their service on the Owen County School Board of Education and these decision-makers are responsible for maintaining strong, effective budgetary oversight, high standards for employment and a safe, well-managed set of school facilities,” the proclamation said.
Keith said all school board members should be honored.
“They make some very tough decisions that not everyone is always agreeable to,” Keith said. “They get paid very little for the stress that they often deal with.”
Keith said four of the five current members’ fathers had previously served on the board of education.
The fiscal court also discussed the formation of several committees including economic and tourism development; audit and budget; road and facilities; and solid waste.
Members of the solid waste committee will be Owen County Director of Solid Waste Greg Smoot; assistant director Allen Bell; Owenton City Councilman Tim Cammack; building inspector Scott Allnut; and magistrates Teresa Davis and Casey Ellis.
A motion was made to table decisions on the other fiscal court committees until a special meeting Jan. 25.
“Our new magistrates weren’t familiar with the committees and wanted some time to look over them,” Keith said. “I think our magistrates will want to choose committees that they have some expertise in because they will be submitting reports monthly.”
In other court business, 15 county voting machines were declared as surplus.
Owen County Clerk Joan Kincaid said the machines no longer met the requirements of the state board of elections, due to their lack of handicapped accessibility and not having a paper trail.
Keith said the court would allow the Owen County School District to take as many of the 15 voting machines as they choose for mock elections. Any leftover machines will be offered to surrounding school systems.
The fiscal court will hold a special meeting and workshop Jan. 25.