County cops seek copper-caper culprits

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By Molly Haines

The Owen County Sheriff’s Office is working to locate a copper thief who vandalized several propane and refrigeration units around Owenton.

Owen County Sheriff’s Deputy Marvin Goodrich said someone vandalized the Odd Fellows Lodge, Eddy Bourne’s office, amd the Owen County Clerk’s Office on Oct. 20. Copper was also stolen from Dr. Joy Arnold’s dental clinic.

“They’re cutting the copper off of propane tanks and refrigeration units,” Goodrich said. “We were able to track down the copper in Grant County and now we’re attempting to locate the suspect to bring him in for questioning.”

Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond said the suspect’s name could not be released because the case is still under investigation.

Goodrich said copper is currently selling high.

“He sold everything he stole for about $72,” Goodrich said. “But to replace everything and correct all of the damage done it will cost a lot more.”

Hammond said snipping the copper off the propane tanks is easy and only takes about five minutes, which could be one of the reasons thieves are targeting copper.

Hammond said during the last couple of weeks in October, several thefts took place around Owen County.

“Luckily we’ve had enough information to get warrants out on a lot of the suspects,” Hammond said. “We’ve seen a big difference in the last six months to a year in the amount of thefts since times got hard. We’ve made several arrests and we’ve still got some under investigation where arrests will be made.”

The Owen County Sheriff’s Office has recovered stolen items from Shelby County, Claxton’s Ridge and Grant County.

“Most of the people who are involved in these robberies aren’t from Owen County,” Hammond said. “They’re coming in from other places and taking what they steal back with them. Ninety percent of these people will be arrested.”