County Clerk Corner

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By Joan Kincaid

As you may know by now, for the past three years the staff of the Owen County Clerk’s office has been working hard learning new technology. With this new technology and our commitment to serve we are looking forward to 2010.

Election Day is coming in 2010. With my prediction of a record number of voters expected to arrive at the polls, the clerk’s office is working to make sure you have a smooth voting experience.

With the technology of the e-slate and E-scan voting machines – which have been tested and determined that they provide all the basic functionally, accessibility and security capabilities required – you should be in and out of the voting booth quickly.

Through the years, there have been changes in our voting procedures and voting machines, yet only a small percent of people vote. I would like to focus on the cost of an election for our county. It costs over $28,000 for an election in Owen County. Keeping this in mind, I hope that you will exercise the privilege of voting. This is a special right, your voice, your vote. Let your voice be heard – it’s easy. Your vote counts, and one person can make a difference.

You can register to vote by filling out a voter registration card. You can pick up a card in the County Clerk’s Office, or one will be mailed at your request. When you renew or apply for a driver’s license in the Circuit Clerk’s Office, you may register to vote. If you are a student, you may register at the high school. You may also register at some of the local state agencies. After your registration form is processed, you will receive a postcard stating that you are registered. It will also tell you your voting location on election day. You may also check your voter registration information at www.elect.ky.gov.

As your clerk, I will continue to keep you aware and involved in upcoming dates. Remember, Jan. 26, 2010, is the last date to file for the May Primary Election; and at 2 p.m. Jan. 28, 2010, is the drawing for positions on the ballot. I hope that we can work together and think positive as we make plans for the upcoming May election. During these challenging times, we can help restore Americans’ confidence in government and in the election process.

The Owen County Clerk’s Office wishes you a Happy New Year.