County Clerk’s Corner: Records will be easier to search

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By Joan Kincaid

In recent years at the County Clerk’s Office, we have seen a higher demand for services and more public interest in records of the earlier years of Owen County. As you know, the County Clerk’s office is the recorder and keeper of your records. Due to the amount of paper documents being recorded at the present time and the shortage on storage space many of the older documents have been stored in the courthouse basement. All of these documents are kept according to state and federal laws for record  retention. The paper records stored in the basement made it difficult for the clerk and staff to find and
retrieve a record needed. It has been a very time-consuming process.
Although, for many years a solution to the problem has been needed, lack of money and available space hindered reaching a solution. I am happy to say, that due to some space and a grant from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, we are now closer to making these documents readily available to the  public. They are in the process of being cleaned, flattened, organized and placed in folders and boxes.
The boxes will now be stored in a room in the courthouse, eliminating manual steps of searching  through piles of boxes to find the record we are looking for. It will be nice to give the public the ability to see these records. I am excited about it. Look forward to an update on the process in the near future.
Now, turning our attention to vehicle registration, the clerk’s office now has available to you the new  Kentucky Library plate and the Kentucky Chiropractic plate.
The top five plates sold in 2011 in Kentucky are:
1) The number one plate Friends of Coal with  15,475 sold;
2) Army Veteran with 6,664 sold;
3) Historic vehicle with 5,870 sold;
4) University of Kentucky with 5,870 sold;
5) Breast Cancer Awareness with 5,448 sold.
I find this interesting about the plates.
As we move now into election time, we will try to make every effort to help make your voting experience smooth.  I encourage you to be sure to vote.
Please keep in mind the following facts and  dates:
At the present time, a voter who will be outside the county on Election Day may vote on the absentee machine during normal business hours at the County Clerk’s office.
You may request a  paper absentee at the present time due to age, disability or illness that enable you to go to the polls; students who temporarily reside outside the county in which they are registered; military;  employment outside the county;  or person incarcerated in jail.
The last day to apply for a paper absentee is Oct. 30. An application must be in the clerk’s office by 4 p.m. on Oct. 30. Contact the clerk’s office
for more information on absentee voting.
Other important dates include:
• Oct. 17 is last  day for list of challengers;
• Oct. 26 is the last day to file as write-in candidate.
• Oct. 9 is the last day to register or make changes for the general election;
• Nov. 6  is Election Day.
My goal is to make sure that every voter is given the opportunity to vote and make voting as easy as possible.  I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions at 502-484-2213 or by my email at  joan.kincaid@ky.gov.