Cornerstone Edging adds touch of beauty to local properties

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By Molly Haines

When Dave Williams began his business, Cornerstone Edging, in 2007 it was with the intent to save enough money to send his children to college. Two years later, he’s not only helping build his children’s  future, but he’s also teaching them that hard work can be rewarding.

Cornerstone Edging offers a variety of landscape trim as well as patio walkways in many different patterns and colors.

Williams said landscape trim is popular in Florida and that’s where he and his 16-year-old son, Trevor, were trained.

“My son and I trained one weekend in Florida and decided to go ahead and make it a business,” Williams said. “I had studied and read about landscape trimming for two years before that.”

Williams said he can read just about anything to learn how to complete a task.

“I read a book on how to build a house and then built my own house,” Williams said. “But because of our location I thought we could be successful in this business because we’re so close to Frankfort, Florence, Louisville and places like that.”

Williams said being able to work with his children is the best thing about the business.

“I’m happy about the business because I get to work with my boys,” Williams said. “I’m trying to instill in them not only how to be successful in anything they do but also how rewarding hard work can be, all while trying to make enough money to get them through college.”

Williams said although he enjoys working with his children, hiring a few employees may be a future possibility.

“Right now this is just something to do on the side,” Williams said. “We work on nights and weekends, but I’d really like to hire a few employees and make it a full-time business.”

Williams also has another son, Brady, who works with them. His wife, Amy, and daughter, Emily, help with sales.

The price for the edging  is determined by the linear footage and the type of curb. The basic price is $6.50 a linear foot.

Cornerstone Edging offers free estimates. Patterns, colors and more information can be found at www.cornerstoneedging.com.

Those interested may call Williams at (502) 463-2993.