Consignment store debuts downtown

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New store will sell old stuff

By Molly Haines

Linda Smith said everyone has something nice to say about Owen County – and that’s exactly why she decided to bring her consignment shop from Warsaw to Owenton.

YOUniquely-U recently opened on the corner of West Seminary and Main streets; and Smith said with a new location and more room, she hopes her business will soon take off with Owen countians.

“My husband was in Owenton a few months ago and picked up a copy of the News-Herald,” Smith said. “One night I sat down to read it and I made the comment to him that everyone always says such nice things about Owen County. Later on I saw this building for rent in the paper and I decided to move the business to Owenton.”

Smith, who said she always loved to shop in consignment stores fell into her own business in Warsaw by accident.

“There was a consignment shop that I enjoyed going to there in Warsaw that belonged to a friend of mine here in Owen County,” Smith said. “One day I went in and she was having a going-out-of-business sale. She was working another job and had kids in school and I really hated to see the business close and told her so. She told me I should buy it and within minutes she was on the phone with the bank and said everything was clear to go. We bought it on Sept. 6, 2008, and closed on it Sept. 16.”

Some of Smith’s consigners in Warsaw were from Owen County.

“I had several people that came to the Warsaw location from Owen County,” Smith said. “I think once people realize I’m here in Owenton now, and the word gets out a little more, we’ll do pretty good business. Right now we’re in the middle of a seasonal change and the only clothes I’m taking are fall clothes, so its been a little slow starting out.”

Smith said she does not buy items from people, but instead consigns or takes donations.

“I have a yearly fee of $15 for people who want to consign with me,” Smith said. “I only accept 25 items from one person per month and when their items sell, I split the profit with them 50/50. I’m a little bit more picky with stuff than I used to be. My daughter helps me go through items that are brought in and organizes what we think will sell and what won’t.”

YOUniquely-U accepts men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and shoes, as well as purses, books, movies, jewelry and household items.

“I sell a lot of books to young kids,” Smith said. “I love to see kids reading, so I try to keep a good supply of books around.”

Smith said she does not have a certain day set aside for people to bring in items.

“People can just call and let me know that they’re coming or just come in,” Smith said. “I like to talk to people before they bring their items in so I can let them know how we accept items. I don’t like for clothes to be brought in trash bags because they get so wrinkly, and if they bring them in on hangers they will get their hangers back.”

YOUniquely-U accepts debit and credit cards and Smith said she always has a sale going, which is typically 50-percent off certain items.

YOUniquely-U is located at 101 West Seminary St. and is open from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday; and is closed Sunday. For more information on how to consign, contact Smith at (502) 484-3220.