Company’s coming ... hide the deer

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By John Whitlock

A few weeks ago, I had a conservation with David Morgan and Holly Bowling about the upcoming Fan Fair and some other projects they are undertaking to promote Owen County.
The Visioneers group, to which they belong, has worked tirelessly to organize this event and it should be pretty amazing.
One issue that we discussed is the need to clean up some parts of the county that visitors will see on their way to the Sprint Cup race in Sparta or to our own Fan Fair.
Overall, Owen County has some beautiful scenery and a lot of people work hard to keep it that way through clean-up projects.
But it’s been a bad week for the local deer population.
If you drive U.S. 127 from Owenton to Frankfort, there are no less than four deer carcasses just off the side of the road, baking in the June sun.
These carcasses aren’t too hard to spot — just look for the circling buzzards.
Now, I realize it’s a nasty job getting rid of dead animals but it would be good if someone — someone with a stronger stomach than me — could take care of this problem before visitors start crossing the Owen County line.
It would be a shame if their first impression of Owen County would be that we have a lot of dead deer on the roads around here.

Wet/dry Q&A

People still have a lot of questions about the wet/dry vote and what could or might happen if Owen County goes wet.
There is still a lot of confusion about voting and the potential impact of increased alcohol sales.
To help everyone understand the issues, please e-mail me any questions you have and I will collect them all and get some answers direct from representatives of the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.
Don’t be afraid to ask any question. If you aren’t sure of an answer, then chances are there are dozens of other people  out there wondering the same thing.
Wanna know if a liquor store can open next to your house?
Submit the question and we’ll find out.
Why can’t private individuals buy up licenses without intending to open a new business?
Submit the question and we’ll find out.
How much will the transition from dry to wet cost the county?
Let’s see.
Submit any and all your questions to jwhitlock@owentonnewsherald.com.