Coming down

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After years of wrangling, city looks to tear down house

By Molly Haines

The “purple” house at 125 East Perry St. will finally come down after several years of debate.
According to records from the Owen County Historical Society, the house was built in 1890. It has been vacant for the past eight years.
Due to a number of complaints over the years about the deteriorating condition of the house, the City of Owenton put a lien against the property in November 2009. The owners now owe the city more than $100,000.
Owenton Mayor Doug West said local laws give a building inspector the authority to inspect houses and turn in a report to the owner and the city’s nuisance board regarding what needs to be done to a house to bring it up to standards. West said the owner then has a deadline to comply.
West had the house at 125 East Perry St. condemned by a building inspector about six weeks ago.
“We’re getting ready to take bids for the demolition of the house at our next meeting,” West said.
During his campaign for mayor last year, West promised voters that if elected, he would have something done about the old “purple” house. “This was one of the big things I campaigned on,” West said. “I said I would recommend something to the council, take action, and get rid of it.”
West said the city council is also preparing to take action on three other houses that are on Ransdell Street.
“I’m in the process of planning for a block grant on East and West Perry and renovating three businesses on Seminary Street,” West said. “All of that and the houses on Ransdell Street would be taken care of by the block grant.”
West said he is hopeful that the city receives the grant, but nothing is set in stone.
“Grants are a lot of competition, and it’s not a guarantee that we’ll get them,” West said.
The council’s next meeting has been switched from its regular date to 6 p.m. July 12.