Cold weather taking toll on almost everyone

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By Dana Burke

This weather has been really hard on a lot of people lately. It seems everyone I see seems to be sick or just getting over being sick.
Daddy hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple of weeks either and finally decided he needed to go the doctor.
They put him in the hospital right away. He had pneumonia in both lungs. He spent a few days there. Of course, he couldn’t wait to get out so that he can go dancing.
Evelyn, Ray, Lee and I took turns going out to check on him. He’s home now and feeling better. At least while he was there, he enjoyed a little company besides us.
Coleman went out and checked in on him some as well as Uncle Bob and Aunt Janis. He said Bill Atha and Sue came out one day as well as his sister Aunt Viola.
Daddy, Coleman, Joyce True and Jeannie Jones have all been going to Alton for some time now, and Daddy couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things over there I’m sure. Bless his heart. I sure hope he’s feeling better at this reading.
Speaking of the sick, I received a call from Kirby on Saturday afternoon, asking me what I was doing. He said he was really sick and sounded awful. He wanted to know if I could bring him a Sprite and some medicine out to his dad’s house.
By the time I got there, he was burning up with a fever. I gave him some medicine and hung out with him till his fever broke.
I spoke with him on Sunday and he said he was feeling a little better. I spoke with him again on Monday morning and he was headed to school. Sure glad he’s feeling better, too.
Pam called Friday evening and invited me up for dinner. Steve was cooking pork steaks out on the grill. It was really good, thanks, guys, for the invite and the company. Pam and I later rode up to April and Donald’s where Rhonda was already visiting as well. We girls had a great time chit-chatting while Donald tried to watch a movie. Sorry for the interruption, Donald, but thanks for having us all over as well.  
On Sunday, I received a text from Tony Robertson saying that he was at Saint Joe’s with Pam. They weren’t sure at the time what was going on with her, but were running some tests on her heart. I do hope she is at home and feeling better at this reading. Thanks for keeping us posted on her, Tony.
On Sunday, I meet a couple of my girlfriends, Laurie and Jana, at Beef O’Brady’s in Frankfort for dinner. We had a really nice visit. We hadn’t hung out like that for well over two years.
Laurie ended up bringing Jana and me both a yellow rose for Valentine’s Day. She is so thoughtful. Her husband, Greg, has been out in California for the last week and was bringing her something back and she wanted to do something nice for her friends.
Thanks, Laurie, that really made my day and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with the both of you.   
Well, I guess that’s about it for this week. Until next time, be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.