Code Red alerts Owen residents to emergencies

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The Code Red Alert system was used during the water outage, severe weather and will be used for other alerts.
If you have not received a phone call from the Owen County judge-executive or Kentucky State Police Post, your phone number is not on the call list. This list will not be given out or sold.
This system depends on everyone signing up their phone number, name and address.
This information is to alert the public in only the areas of the county that is affected.
You can sign up by calling 502-484-3405 for the Owen County Judge-executive’s office or going on line at owencounty.ky.gov.
Rick Morgan of Owen County Emergency Management advises this is the first line of notification in a timely manner for natural and man-made disasters in Owen County.
This also covers severe weather notifications such as the ice storm and snow levels.  This notification system is for every resident in Owen County
All residents should be “storm ready” for possible electrical outages, loss of water, slick roads which can delay vital services to residents and colder temperatures.