Clerk’s Corner: Primary day on horizon

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By Joan Kincaid

It’s of no surprise to anyone who has spent time in and around the county clerk’s office that the clerk and staff have been busy. We are preparing for both the primary election May 20 and for the delinquent real estate tax bills to be turned over to the clerk from the sheriff on April 15.
On May 20, voters will go to the polls to vote on candidates for United States senator fourth congressional district, circuit clerk judge 15th judicial circuit, county judge-executive, county clerk, sheriff and magistrates for Owen County.
I am trying to encourage you to be sure to vote. Just remember that these candidates, when elected, will have a direct impact on our federal, state and local government. As a voter, in the primary election, you may cast a ballot only in the same party in which you are registered.
As we turn our attention to election day, please keep in mind the following dates: Starting on April 7, a voter who will be outside the county on election day may vote on the absentee machine during normal business hours at the county clerk’s office. Also, at the present time you may request a paper absentee ballot from the county clerk’s office, due to age, disability or illness that enable you to go to the polls, student who temporarily resides outside the county in which they are registered (must be mailed to an out-of-county address), voter temporarily resides outside the state, persons whose employment location requires them to be absent from the county all hours and all days absentee voting by machine is conducted, military personnel and person who is incarcerated in jail. The last day to apply for mail-in absentee is May 13, 2014. Application must be in clerk’s office by 4 p.m., May 13.
Furthermore, confirm your voter information before Election Day. The clerk’s office will be glad to check to see if you are registered and what precinct. Remember, there have been changes due to the precinct lines being canted. Also, if you are registered in the Lusby’s Mill precinct you will now vote at the Owen County High School.
The phone number for the county clerk’s office is 484-2213. Have your ID with you at the polling location. Know the time the polls open and close: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Also become acquainted with the candidates on the ballot. Study a sample ballot before you go to the voting machine.
A copy of the ballot and voting locations will be in the News-Herald.
My goal is to make sure that every vote is given the opportunity to vote and to make voting as easy as possible.
Today I would also like to remind you that the delinquent taxes will be turned over to the clerk’s office on April 15.
Additional penalties and interest will be added at that time. The delinquent tax sale is scheduled for July 21 at 10 a.m. in the clerk’s office. If your tax bill is purchased from the clerk’s office by a third party, the amount of your bill is largely inflated. The notion that I can wait and pay them later has cost some taxpayers as much as triple the bill. It will save the taxpayer quite a sum in the long run to pay before the tax sale occurs. I hope this will heighten your awareness of how important it is to try and pay your taxes before April 15 or the sale. The law allows the third party to purchase and thus, the purchase has a tremendous impact on the taxpayers of Owen County.
I am pleased to include in this letter my notification to you that my last day serving as your county clerk will be March 31. On that day I plan to retire.
I am excited about my impending retirement but wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me to serve as your county clerk. I have genuinely enjoyed my time serving and will miss you all when my retirement day comes on March 31. I plan to work right up until my retirement date and will be happy to help make a smooth transition to the appointed clerk. Again, I have truly enjoyed serving you all and will miss seeing all of you.
I hope that you will exercise the privilege of voting. This is a special right, your voice, your vote. Let your voice be heard, it’s easy. Your vote counts, and one person can make a difference. Be sure to register to vote by April 21.
I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions at 502-484-2213.
God bless each and everyone.