City, county cleaning up storm damage

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By Jessica Singleton

The ice has melted, the snow has cleared and life is returning to normal after the biggest storm of the season. But when the storm moved on, it left a lot of damage behind.

The troublesome tree limbs that were responsible for thousands of power outages have been left behind with nowhere to go.

The county and city governments have started a program to clean up all of the tree debris. Residents are encouraged to bring the downed tree limbs to the side of the city or county road. A company was hired to collect the limbs from the side of the road. They will pick up only tree limbs. They will not be collecting roofing shingles, tires or household garbage.

The company will make one sweep through the county and city. The ywill not make a second trip. The sweep will start in the southern part of the county and work its way north.

A federal grant will cover 75 percent of the cost, while the state will pick up an additional 12 percent. This leaves the local government to cover the remaining cost.

Dates and times for pick up have not been released.