Church News: Old Cedar Baptist

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Our numbers were down Sunday due to the weather. Bro. James’ sermon was titled “Is Your Faith in God Strong?” taken from Luke 17. An example of faith was found on the wall of a concentration camp. A prisoner had carved the following words: “I believe in the sun, even though it doesn’t shine, I believe in love, even when it isn’t shown, I believe in God, even when he doesn’t speak.”
I try to imagine the person who etched those words, with my vision of his hand gripping the broken glass or stone that cut into the wall. What hand could have cut such a conviction? What eyes could have seen in such horror? There is only one answer: Eyes that chose to see the unseen — is your faith that strong?
Bro. James closed his sermon by singing a beautiful song called “The Untitled Hymn.”
A baby shower and potluck was enjoyed by everyone following the service.
At 6 p.m. Sunday night, come join us in our new singing group, “The Old Cedar Choral Ministry.” Everyone is invited.
Wednesday night prayer meeting is at 6 p.m..
Remember in prayer this week Dee Wedding, Lou Ann Tupts, Joyce Claxon, Rebecca Gaines, David and Barbara New, Linda and Bill Krasner and the rest on our extended prayer list.
Happy birthday to Nate Grimm, Kathy Clarkson and Mickey Miller.