Church News: New Columbus Baptist

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With pastor Brad Vincent’s absence this past Sunday, the Rev. Rick Davidson of La Grange Baptist Church filled our pulpit. Bro. Davidson cited the 17th chapter of John as an example of the real “Lord’s Prayer” since this chapter is Jesus himself praying. He first prays for Himself, next for His disciples and then for all believers. Jesus prayed that God would keep His chosen believers safe from Satan’s power and set them apart to keep them pure and holy and united through His truth.
We are all looking forward to Bro. Brad’s return from Haiti this week. He will be filling us in on the experiences from his mission trip.
Sunday, we’ll have our fifth-Sunday meal, but we are making it a soup, sandwich and dessert lunch following the morning worship. Then we’ll have our evening worship moved to 3 p.m. instead of the usual 6 p.m.