Church News for Dec. 28, 2011

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Mount Pleasant Baptist

What a blessing to see so many out to worship the Lord on Christmas Day.
Everyone looked so nice in their Christmas colors Sunday morning.
Abby Wuebbling lit the last Advent candle.  “Mary, Did You Know?” was beautifully sung by Emily Myers and Barry Winkle.
“The Christ of Christmas Past, Present, and Future” from Luke 2:1-7 was the basis of Bro. Dale’s message.  Jesus died to save us from our sins because no sin enters Heaven.  He is making intercessions for us today. God has placed all judgement into Jesus’ hands.  We will reign with him forever, if we are believers – those who have accepted him as their personal savior.
Happy 64th anniversary to Christine and Eugene Winkle.
Happy 55th anniversary to Emily and Frank Burford.
Happy 61st anniversary to Pete and Doris Dawson.
Happy 90th birthday to Miss Lois Clemons and happy birthday to Alice Marksberry.
Please pray for Miss Lenora Kelly Olds, little Jack Myers, Emily Myers, Gary Cheesman, Carlene Dunavent, Edith Prather, Vira Howard, Mary Ann Cook, Marilyn Lancaster, Carlie McClane, Wallace Beverly, Woodrow Glass, our military men and women and their families, and the families of Eugene Bach and Charlie Combs.
 There will be no Wednesday night service.  Happy new year to all.
God bless us every one.

New Columbus Baptist
Saturday, from 9 p.m. to midnight, we’ll have our traditional New Year’s Eve watch night service. This is a time to celebrate the New Year in a safe, sane and Christian environment with games, food and visiting until a short prayer service at the beginning of 2012. Everyone is invited.
As we look forward to 2012 and determine in our minds a new direction or renewed focus, our motivation matters.
Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? What is our motivation? Join us Sunday as we look at the biblical model for new beginnings, with a message titled “The Reason for Righteousness” as pastor Brad Vincent cites 1 Kings 8:54-61 as text.
In this text, King Solomon praised the Lord and prayed for the people. Those same prayer requests are just as valid today as we pray for our churches and church families.
In response to requests from our church ladies, there will be a coupon class held Jan. 14 at 2 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Stacy Marshall of Georgetown will demonstrate ways to become the ‘extreme coupon person’ and save money in doing so. There will be a $3 fee for materials and expenses, but everyone interested in saving money with coupons is invited. Also, bring any coupons you  wish to discuss or understand better ways of using.

New Liberty Baptist
Our Christmas morning service began at 10 a.m. with the congregation singing the call to worship “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”
Don Wainscott presented the welcome, announcements, and reading from God’s word found in Luke 2:1, 3-7.
We are very thankful to report we met our Lottie Moon Offering goal.  
Our worship through the word was brought by Bro. Jim Craigmyle with the title message “This will be a sign to you” (Luke 10: 14-18)  Many signs point to different directions.
The miracle of Jesus is a sign to give us understanding.
Jesus’ birth is a sign pointed to something upon himself. Jesus was an infant with the same needs as any baby. Jesus had to be laid into a manger.  Jesus was human. Our Savior knows, understands, and cares.  The manger itself was a sign of how Christ’s life would be. Jesus was a ruler but his entrance into this world set the tone of his life.
Jesus had eaten with sinners, hung around tax collectors,  and touched the lepers. Jesus loved each one.
What is our signs of Christmas? How did you look for your Christmas guest list? 
At  Christmas, we bake mountains of sweets and wonder what we will do with it all while there are homeless families with none.
Where would our Savior spend his time? Bro.  Jim led us with one of his favorite hymns ‘Tell Me the Story of Jesus’ as we reflected on Christmas.
The words say “Tell how the Angels in chorus sung as they welcomed his birth. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and good tidings to Earth.”
Our Christmas  service ended with the partaking of the Lord’s Supper and singing the chorus of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”
It has been a great blessing in having Bro. Jim Craigmyle with us the past couple of months and what a sweet spirit we have had.
We are also looking forward in having Bro. Charlie Johnson with us this coming Sunday.  What a wonderful way to start  the New Year by being in the Lord’s house worshiping our Savior.  
The New Liberty Baptist Church sends a ‘happy birthday’ this week to Chris Marlette, Karen Walker and Ford Roberts. 

Old Cedar
We had a wonderful crowd in church Sunday. It was nice to have several visitors to join us. The sun was shining and a lot of love, celebration and singing went on to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.
Special music was presented by Dalton, Carrie and Kristen playing, “Jingle Bells,” on their musical instruments.
Ashley sang, “A Baby Changes Everything.” Melanie read, “The Night Before Jesus Came.” Cecilia sang, “Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry.” Then followed by Joy singing and signing, “O Holy Night.” We are so lucky to have so many young ladies that are so talented and loves to sing praises to our Lord.
It was followed by Bro. James’ announcements and everyone thanking for the miracles Jesus has provided and the Lord’s supper.
Sunday night at 6 p.m. is our “Gathering” meeting.
Wednesday night at 6 p.m., we will have Bible study and Prayer Warriors.
Saturday, 8 p.m. until whenever is our New Year’s Eve celebration. Come join us.
Remember in prayer this week, David New, Lee New, Shelia Glass, Tony Lunsford, Jack Young, Erwin Perry, Bobby Hearn, Joyce Hammond, Lela Maude Hawkins, Audrey Roberts and the rest on our extended prayer list.
Special thanks and prayers go out to our law enforcement, firefighters, our servicemen and women who risk their lives every day to protect us.
Happy birthday to Samantha Burton.

Owenton First United Methodist

A very special service was held on Christmas night.
Bro. Matt lit the Christ candle and reminded us that Jesus was made flesh and dwelt among us. 
If we have the light of Jesus, everything changes.  We are then able to be a good friend, spouse, and child and lives are changed. 
After Bro. Matt’s message, the young adults sang a Christmas special.  The children then presented the Christmas story as Tiffany Perry read from Luke 2:1-20.  Ashley and Jack Buffin, Alexandria and Gabrielle Perry, Lyla and Talon Wilson, and Audree and Bentley Young did a beautiful job displaying the first Christmas many years ago. 
After their performance, Bro. Matt reminded us that our God is so great that he sent his son into the world in such a manner that even little children can tell and depict the story.  Larry Dale ended the service by beautifully singing “O Holy Night.”
Tonight (Wednesday), we will take down the greens at 6:30 p.m. and hold family game night. Everyone is welcome. 
We would like to wish everyone a very happy and blessed New Year.

Voice of Thunder
On Wednesday night, we will present  “The Message of Your Life.”
The Friday night subject for round-table Bible study was on “Peace.”
Sunday School focused on First Kings Chapter 11.
All these services were conducted by Elder Tom Lawhon.
Sunday preaching service was on “The Faithfulness of God” by Pastor Hale.
Evangelist Jerry Hulse ministered Sunday evening on “Know Your Daddy.”