Church News for Aug. 17, 2011

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Beech Grove Baptist
We were pleased to have Bro. Steve Miller deliver our morning and evening sermons. He reminded us that we each have an adversary, the Devil. We need to be prepared to overcome. Pray for each other, read God’s word and keep our eyes on the Lord.
Pray for our sick: Charles and Joyce Lilly, Lucy Jacobs and Marvin Burford.
You are welcome to come and join in with us at Beech Grove. Praise the Lord this week.

Elk Lick Baptist
Bro. John’s sermon was on Matthew 6:26-29, “When You Worry, Consider the Lillies.” There will be storms in our Christian lives. We should be like the lillies and birds, they don’t toil or spin. God takes care of them. He loves us more than them. There is a place we can go for eternity. There will be no worry, anger, heartache, tears, cancer, or sickness of any kind. It’s a perfect place, Heaven.
Vestes Prather sang, “Heaven’s Jubilee.”
Bring in old footwear of any kind for EDGE Outreach program.
Happy birthday, George Lee Cooke.  
Keep in prayer: sick, shut ins, missionaries, military, special prayer list, unspoken prayer, families who lost loved ones, unsaved family and friends.
We welcome visitors — if you need a church, we would welcome you with Christian love. Sunday school is at 9:45 a.m. Sunday services are at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.; and Wednesday service is at 6 p.m.

Epoch Fellowship
Great things are happening at Epoch Fellowship. We welcome all our first-time visitors and can’t wait to meet even more new friends.
Brittany Gillstrap was live on the stage of the Wild Goose Cafe (Epoch’s ministry which offers coffee, tea and specialty soft drinks and donates all profits to local organizations like Meeting the Needs and R.E.A.C.H.) Friday evening. Everyone appreciated Brittany sharing her voice and we’re looking forward to her next visit.
The cafe was closed Saturday evening for a private party. Remember, if you are in need of a space for a meeting, shower or party, the Wild Goose Cafe can comfortably accomodate up to 60 people. We hope to expand our hours and services (including food) in the coming weeks, but we need help. If you have a few hours a week to volunteer (as little as four hours), we would love to speak with you. Call Carrie Ashcraft-Sutton at (859) 609-0090 for volunteer, booking or more information.
Sunday Pastor Trent Holbert preached from Joshua 5:13-15 (and a little bit from 6). When Joshua met with an angel of the Lord he asked if the angel was on his (God’s side) or against him. The angel replied he was on no side. God has not changed. He expects us to be on only one “side” — his. God expects us to love even the unlovable and to take care of those we’d rather not. As Christians we are expected to be Christ-like. That doesn’t mean we agree with everyone or every lifestyle, but it does mean we love all people equally.
This week we will hold services at usual times: youth Bible study at 6 Tuesday and adult group at 6:30 Wednesday.

First Baptist
Wow. What a great day we had this past Lord’s Day. During our early service we enjoyed the word of the Lord from Philippians 4:10-14, which dealt with divine contentment. Every Christian is self-contained and not controlled by the circumstances of life. We have Jesus and he is enough. During the late service, we were blessed by our children as they presented “Hallelujah Hop” under the direction of Leigh Karil Ward. The youth led our evening service and gave a great report concerning their summer mission camp. What a joy it was to start the service with the baptism of one of the youth who trusted Jesus as Lord on the trip.
This past Saturday, our youth under the leadership of our youth pastor, Kyle Riddle, led a special Backyard Bible Club. They will be serving our community in special ministry capacities on a monthly basis. The Young at Heart will meet today at 9:30 a.m. and then head to Smithville to have lunch at “Our Best.” Congressman Geoff Davis will be leading a roundtable discussion at 9 a.m. tomorrow at the senior center. You are invited to attend.
We will have the joy of serving at Meeting the Needs this Tuesday. We will be serving at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. We would like you to be aware that our Revival Meeting is scheduled for Sept. 18-21. The Lord is doing great things. See you Sunday.

First United Methodist
Vacation Bible school was a huge success. Many children spent Saturday learning about the nine “Fruits of the Spirit” through word, song, crafts, and puppets. Adults and kids alike had a wonderful time at the carnival that immediately follwed VBS. Everyone enjoyed face-painting, popcorn, cotton candy, and inflatables. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to spend their day teaching God’s word.
Bro. Matt’s sermon, “Hey, I’m OK. I’m Pleasing God,” came from Romans 11:33-36. God is a relational God and we are at our very best when thinking about others. Sin is doing what we want to do and not what God wants us to do, but God’s way is the best way. Sometimes when we sin it can cause relationships to be destroyed, and we often try to hide or put on a mask. But, God is wise and he has a plan to fix what we have broken. God has a plan to save us and he offers mercy and salvation. Bro. Matt challenged us to pray to God this week, asking if we are trying to do things our way or God’s way.
The children continued their study of Abraham from the book of Genesis. This week during Children’s Church they learned that Abraham was willing to do anything God asked of him, including sacrifice his son. They were again reminded that God promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky.
We are pleased to announce that we now have a puppet stage. We feel so blessed to have another means to reach out to those in our church and community. Thank you to Keith Buffin and Joe Young for their hard work on building it. Please pray for our new puppet ministry and those working in it.
The young adults will be set up at the Odd Fellows Lodge Sept. 17 during Sweet Owen Days. They will be selling pop corn and cotton candy.
We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Andrew Perry and Lexie Perry.

Mount Pleasant Baptist
Abby Wuebbling touched our hearts by singing,”I Am Your Own” Sunday morning. Bro. Dale continued his series of what we “Can’t Do Without” from Hebrews 11:6. We can’t do without faith; for without it, it is impossible to please God. Sunday evening Bro. Dale spoke from Genesis 5:21 “Enoch Walked With God.” The Christian walk is a marathon. Enoch didn’t die, he was translated.
Happy birthday to Miss Fannie WiIhoite, who will be 91 Monday. Happy birthday also to Luke Myers, Summer Hensley, and Pete Dawson. Happy 18th anniversary to Mike and Carla Marston.
Please pray for Miss Lenora Kelly Olds, Vicky VonBokern, Wanda Ivey, Naomi Cornette, Charles Bruener, Frank Burford, Tony Collins, Paul Duke, Jordan Duvall, Lucy Jacobs, Mandy Hudnall, Beulah Kelly, Brandy Loman, Mark King, Cecil Marshall, Denise Miles and family, William Vermillion, Cecilia R. Wright, Kayla Scott’s son, Jade, and others injured in Indiana State Fair accident, the state of Texas with drought, our military, and our great U.S.A.
At 7 tonight, we will host a prayer meeting and Bible study.
Please save pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

New Columbus Baptist
Everyone is invited Sunday at 6 p.m. when our creative ministry team will present “Game Plan,” a special play using hand puppets and songs to see how to confront life’s troubles and trials by turning to Jesus Christ and his saving grace for your life. This play will be in lieu of our regular Sunday evening worship service.
Pastor Brad Vincent’s morning worship message will use Ephesians 2:14-22 as text and be titled “This Old Household.”
What does it mean to be a church? The Apostle Paul uses many words in Ephesians chapter two to describe the church; body, citizens, household, building and temple. Each of these words convey the idea of unity. No church can exist without unity. Join with us Sunday as we worship together in unity and learn more of what it means to be a church.
For your calendar: a church and grounds workday is planned for Sept. 17. The New Columbus Community Festival is Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, with gospel music from 5 until 8 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and meet their neighbors and church family.

Old Cedar Baptist
Sunday was a time of awesome praise and worship as God poured out his spirit on us.
Special music was presented by Bro. Gene Burden singing “The Lord’s Prayer” and “He Touched Me,” followed by Cecilia Webber singing, “Your Secret Place.”
We were blessed to have Bro. Cornelius preaching our morning service. What a wonderful job this young man did. He had so many trials and tribulations in his life. He turned himself around and is now an ordained minister, hoping God will lead him to a church of his own. He said sometimes God gives us trials in our lives so that we may see how Jesus can use them to help us grow in our faith and confidence in him. If anyone is in need of a pastor, you should hear how this young man is on fire for God. He has a lovely wife and two small children. The whole family is dedicated to the Lord. If you would like to hear him speak, contact Jeannie at (502) 382-6602.
At 7 Sunday night, New Beginnings will practice. At 7 p.m. Wednesday, we’ll have Prayer Meeting at Lela Maude’s home.
Remember in prayer this week David New, Robert Galbarith, Greg Rose, Richard Miller, Ervin Perry, Crystal Harmon, Gerald Kemper, Robert Swigert, Lou Ann Tupts, Ron Holland and the rest on our extended prayer list.
Happy anniversary to Bro. James and Teresa Bondurant.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist    
The Rev. Wotier’s message, “Spiritual Maturity Thru God’s Word,” was taken from James 1:22-25. We need to study God’s word to shape us in the image of God. We must have spiritual maturity to accomplish this. The secret to spiritual maturing is to have a relationship with God. We need the right tools, the Bible, the right attitude and the aid of the Holy Spirit. We need to practice what we read and adjust our living accordingly.
We welcome, Jessica Roy, Chris Prather and Hunter Mason by profession of faith.
The Deacon of the Month is Danny Jacobs.
Tonight will be Bible study/prayer meeting at 7. The nominating committee will meet following the Bible study. Sunday evening we will be having a baby shower for Chris and Jessica Blevins — they are having a girl. They are registered at Walmart, Babies R Us and Kohls. Our emphasis for Meeting of the Needs Ministry is shampoo. We work at Meeting the Needs at 6 p.m. the third Thursday of each month. The ice cream social will be Aug. 28, after the evening service. Don’t forget to order your throws and get your cookbooks.
Please pray for Glen Dunavent, Billy Lathrem, Rebecca Wright, Bish Bishop, Philip Trinkle, Danny Humphries, Mary Elizabeth Wyatt, Eli Wolfenberger, Rodney Moon, Allen Blevins, Dallas Hamilton, Charles and Joyce Lilly, Pat Gibson, Julian Keith, Tommy McDonald, Patty Hamilton and all on the extended prayer list.