Church News 6-29-11

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Cedar Hill Baptist

Bro. Craigmyle shared from I John 4:16-21 and Dr. Seus’ “Beyond Zebra” on God’s love. When Jesus entered the world God introduced a new letter and meaning of love. God’s love is surprising, seeking, selfless, serving, and sustaining. Although we do not deserve his love, he continually seeks to draw us back to him when we stray. His love is totally selfless in that he loves and forgives us when we’ve ignored, rebelled, and hurt him. His love is serving in that it will change us if we truly yield to him; it is sustaining in that he is forever faithful; and it does not come and go as so often human love does. Our response to his love is to love one another. His love is the measure and motive for our love to others.
SonSurf Beach Bash VBS is continuing. Join us at 6 tonight through Friday as we learn about Jesus through games, crafts, music, and Bible study. If you need transportation, call 484-5236 or 514-1594.

Elk Lick Baptist

Bro. John’s sermon was on Genesis 7:11-16, “A Safe Place.” The ark was Noah’s safe place. Jesus is our safe place. The ark had room for Noah’s family. Heaven has room for all our family. The ark was a place of refuge, a sanctuary, a place of separation and satisfaction. God shut the door to the ark, He will shut the door to Heaven if we don’t accept him as Lord and Savior.
Darrell and Marilyn Treece and Bonnie Woodyard sang, “Everyone Will Be Happy Over There.” Bonnie Woodyard and Angie Gaines, Teresa Renfro and Louise Johnson sang, “I’ll Fly Away.”
Happy birthday, Abigail Dempsey.
Keep in prayer the sick, shut-ins, missionaries, military, special prayer list, families who’ve lost loved ones, our county as we get closer to the vote on alcohol and beer.
Wednesday night, meet at the church at 6:30 to go to George Lee’s. Sunday we’ll have communion and dinner after the service. Bring rice bowls. Everyone is welcome.

First Baptist of Owenton

Wow. The energy level is high around here this week. We are in the middle of our “Big Apple VBS” that is meeting from 9 till noon each day. Our commencement service will be at noon this Friday. This will be followed by a cookout and outdoor activities. We have some tremendous volunteers.
Our pastor continued his study on the “Sermon on the Mount” this past Sunday. Jesus reminds us of the responsibility we have to one another and the ministry of accountability that we have entered into as the body of Christ. During the evening service we are enjoying a study in the book of Revelation. Jesus letters to the seven churches to give us relevant and practical admonitions. This Sunday night we will have the joy of beholding the throne of God. A special invitation is extended to the families of our community to join us in worship this Sunday. Our pastor will be preaching on “Steps Toward a Growing Marriage.” If you find your marriage is going through a challenging time, this is the message for you. The marriage relationship must be healthy if the family is to be healthy. When our families are strong and healthy our community will benefit.
We are grateful that our Kenya Mission Team made it home safely. What a great work they accomplished in this 10-day trip. Our middle and high school kids will be heading out Tuesday for camp in Northern Georgia. They will have a camp experience along with several ministry activities. Don’t miss out on the exciting things God is doing. See you Sunday.

First Christian

It was raining outside Sunday, but the sun was shining inside as we started the morning with coffee and conversation before Sunday School.
We opened the worship service with one of our old favorite hymns, “O Worship the King.”
 Bro. Greg’s message was “Dangerous Domain” and was taken from Romans 6:12-23. We are reminded that we can choose our own master in this passage. We can be a slave to sin or a slave to obedience and it’s up to us to make the right choice.   
First Christian Youth we’ll have an ice-cream booth at Fan Fair July 5-9 as Owen County showcases its best during the week of the NASCAR race so everyone be sure and stop by and buy some delicious ice cream. 
A children’s dedication ceremony is planned for July 24 to kick off vacation Bible school beginning July 25-29.
This year’s theme is Inside Out and Upside Down and is from 9 a.m. to noon each day. Make plans to attend and bring a friend.  
First Christian has a softball game scheduled for Thursday evening at 8 p.m. Come out to the ballpark for some fun and fellowship and support our team.

Mount Pleasant Baptist

What a wonderful time we had this week with the children at vacation Bible school. The kids were very well-behaved and had great attitudes. Thanks to all who coordinated and donated their time for the benefit of our future leaders.
Happy birthday to Leslie McNay, Justin McNay, and little Miss Gracie Wuebbling, 4.
Happy anniversary to Jerry and Becky Doolin.
Please pray for Miss Lenora Kelly Olds, Vickie VonBokern, Rebekah Gaines, Joe Stamper, and the family of Nelda Vannarsdell. 
Tonight at 7 p.m., we will have prayer meeting and Bible study. At 6 p.m. Sunday, we’ll have our “Fellowship and Fireworks” at the Marston’s. Bring a dish and chair.
At 7 p.m. July 10, we will take part in the countywide worship at the fairgrounds arena.

New Columbus Baptist

Will you make it to Heaven? Many people raise that same question about themselves. They know the Gospel and believe they have trusted in Christ, but they still wonder if they are saved — really saved. There is a way to know.
Pastor Brad Vincent’s message Sunday will be titled “Signed-Sealed-Delivered” and will cite Ephesians 1:13-14 as text. Join us Sunday as we learn how to have that assurance of salvation, and also observe the celebration of the Lord’s Supper at Sunday’s morning worship.
Please gather all your yard sale donations, for the sale will be, begin at 9 a.m. both Friday and Saturday. The WMU is holding this sale across the road from the church building, and the proceeds go to augment the youth camp fund.
Our revival will be held July 25-29 and will feature Bro. Rick Davidson as evangelist.

Old Cedar Baptist

Sunday was a special day for our little church as David, Jennifer and Evan Smither dedicated their lives to make Jesus their Lord and Savior. Baptismal ceremony for the Smither family will be July 10 following the morning services.
Bro. James’ sermon was entitled, “What Is True Love?” It taken from Acts. Do you remember your first love? Do you remember the joy, the excitement, the thrill, the sheer fun of being in love?
Do you recollect the joy in your life when you first became a Christian? The love, the thrill you experienced each time you came to understand a new dimension of his love? If you do not guard your heart, you will grow cold in your love for Christ. If your love for God is not as intense as it once was, return to him. He will restore the fellowship you once shared with him.
Special music was presented by Cecilia singing, “Four Days Late, He’s Still on Time.”
At 7 p.m. Sunday, New Beginnings will practice; and we’ll have prayer meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Jeannie Jones.
Remember in prayer this week David New, Gerald Kemper, Louann Tupts, George Cook, Ron Holland, Bill Karsner, Tommy Kemper, Rebekah Gaines, Viola Hayon Johnson, and the rest on our extended prayer list.
Happy birthday to Ben Gilbert.
Monday is the fourth of July. Remember the hope of America is not in her military might or natural resources, but in God’s people, you and me, as our prayers become a channel through which he can bless our land.
God, please continue to bless America.

Owenton First United Methodist
Our special guest speaker was Brother Edger Adams, and his message was entitled “Abraham and Isaiah, God Has a Plan.” God has a plan for all of us and there are no coincidences. We should all have the kind of faith Abraham had. God will provide. The children received a blessing during the children’s message from our puppets. The puppets performed “Awesome God” for all of the kids to enjoy. During children’s church, the kids learned about Abraham’s journey from Genesis 12. They learned that we should always listen and do what God says, just as Abraham did. Vacation Bible School has been rescheduled and will be held in August. A date will be set soon.