Church News 6-22-11

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Beech Grove Baptist
Bro. Steve delivered his Father’s Day sermon from the book of Proverbs. It was wonderful to be in the Lord’s house.
We would like to invite you to the dedication service for our stained glass windows at 2:30 p.m. July 17. If you do not have a church family, you are welcome at Beech Grove.

Cedar Hill Baptist
Bro. Craigmyle shared from Matthew 6:1-21 on God our Father. God is a caring, compassionate, loving, gracious father who cares about the details of our lives as shown in I Peter 5:7. He is consistent, reliable, dependable as shown in James 1:17 and II Timothy. He always acts with love, forgiveness, and grace. Malachi 3:6 tells us that He does not change. Unfortunately, we human parents are often inconsistent, selfish and some are even abusive. Being inconsistent parents often produces insecure children. Broken promises often cause rebellion in children. However, God always keeps His promises, is never too busy for us, loves to meet our needs, and is sympathetic to our hurts. The more imperfect our relationship is with our dad, the more difficult it is to develop a relationship with God the Father. Are we as parents making it harder or easier for our children to know God?
Join us at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday for fellowship meal and homemade ice cream.
Remember VBS starts at 6 p.m. Sunday. We are looking forward to a fantastic week of SonSurf Beach Blast. If you need a ride or information call 484-5236 or 514-1594.

El Bethel Christian
Church to host a “Gold Rush.”
Join our “Gold Rush” VBS at El Bethel Christian Church 6:30 to 8:30 Wednesday nights July 6 through Aug. 3. Toddlers and ages 3 through fifth-grade will discover great lessons, music, drama, crafts, snacks and recreation time.
If you need a ride, please call Darlene at 484-2536 or 514-3223.

Elk Lick Baptist
Bro. John’s sermon was on I Chronicles 28:9, “Fathers Who Make a Difference.” David said, “Solomon, my son, know the God of thy father and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the Lord searches all hearts and understandeth all the imaginations of your thoughts: if you seek him; you will find him: if you forsake him, he will cast you off forever.” Dads need to teach this to their children. Give them love, discipline, take them to church, teach them God’s word, pray for them and teach them to pray.
Bonnie Woodyard and Louise Johnson sang, “Life’s Railway to Heaven.”
Keep in prayer, the sick, shut-ins, military, missionaries, family of Sollie Clifton and the special prayer list.
Happy anniversary to Jeremy and Kayla Dempsey.

First Baptist
The Lord blessed us with a wonderful day of worship this past Sunday. It was a great time of praise to God through the music, testimony, and message. We had the joy of hearing from our group serving in Kenya through the instrument of Skype on the Internet. A great work is being done by this group. They will arrive home this Friday afternoon from a 10-day trip.
While we chatted with our group in Kenya, it was a joy to have in our services the children of one of our Southern Baptist Missionaries serving in Russia. The world is getting smaller and the opportunity to reach across this globe has just multiplied.
Our pastor focused on the theme of fathers as we celebrated Father’s Day. What a reminder that due to our relationship with Jesus Christ we can now call Him “Father.” Every dad was challenged to emulate three specific areas concerning God’s nature as Father. Those areas consisted of leading and loving, protecting and providing, and acknowledging and exalting the son of God.
A special invitation is extended to all kids 4 years old to sixth grade to our “Big Apple Adventure” VBS. The event will start Monday, June 27, and end Friday, July 1. The time of VBS will be 9 a.m. to noon. Call the church office if you have any questions.
The Young at Heart will be studying the Second Coming of Christ today at 10 a.m. Tonight we will enjoy a potluck supper at 6. Family Night is always a great highlight for the month. Don’t miss out on the great things God is doing. See you Sunday.

Monterey Baptist
On Father’s Day we enjoyed great video messages from MBC kids to their dads, and our children’s interpretative movement group gave a great Father’s Day performance.
We wrapped up a great week of Vacation Bible School Friday night. Thanks again to all the volunteers who made VBS a success.
The softball team starts playing this week. Call Eddie Kays at 750-0764 for more information.
A meeting for all children’s ministry volunteers will be held after church Sunday.
Please donate your unused coupons from the Sunday papers to the MBC coupon ministry. There is a tray in the back-entrance room for them.
Please bring your Avenues for Women baby bottle as soon as possible so we can return all bottles to the clinic.
Our next service night at Meeting the Needs is 6-8 Thursday.
Mount Pleasant Baptist
It was so exciting to see our pews full of smiling faces Sunday morning ready to worship the Lord.
Emily Myers and Breann Bond beautifully sang Chris Tomilin’s “Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone.” Bro. Dale’s Father’s Day sermon entitled “The Kisses of the Father” from Luke 15:11-32 taught us that the prodigal son’s father gave kisses of love, forgiveness, joy, and assurance. This is a perfect picture of what Jesus has done for us.
 Happy birthday to Amanda Perkins and Happy first birthday to baby Jonathan McNay.
Please pray daily for Miss Lenora Kelly Olds, Lee Buboltz, Janette Davis, Rebekah Gaines, Melda Vannarsdall, Jimmy Vannarsdall, Vickie VonBokern, Doug Hensley, David Duncan, Lola McNay and family, our troops, and the families of Sollie Clifton Jr. and Sheila Prather.
 Our VBS “Gold Rush” is continuing tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 with an enthusiastic group of children and workers.
Thursday we work at “Meeting the Needs” from 11 to 1.
Creation Museum Trip is Saturday and everyone going should pay Linda Haydon before Friday.
At 6:30 p.m. Sunday, we have our VBS commencement and picnic.

New Columbus Baptist
Sunday, we began the Lord’s Day with a wonderful breakfast honoring Father’s Day. This special Sabbath concluded with our vacation Bible school commencement. This was a time to express appreciation to all the folks who made VBS work so smoothly, and there were so many of them to thank: teachers, aides, craft workers, and refreshment and music personnel. Each of these individuals made sacrifices of their time, energy and resources to make VBS such a great success, and their efforts are really appreciated.
“Paid in Full” will be the title of pastor Brad Vincent’s message Sunday, and he’ll cite Ephesians 1:7-12 as text.
Sunday, we’ll be celebrating our redemption in Christ, and we all love to proclaim our redemption. Each of us has a debt to pay for our sin. The only hope of paying our debt is the blood of Jesus. Through His blood we can have redemption.
Our WMU will be holding a yard sale July 8-9 to supplement its youth camp fund. So, clean out your storage units and sheds.
Also, keep in mind our revival date is July 25-29 — details later.

Old Cedar Baptist

Bro. James opened Sunday morning with a hearty welcome, followed by announcements, prayer request and wishing all the dads a happy Father’s Day.
Special music was presented by New Beginnings singing, “Jesus, Name Above All Names.”
Bro. James’ sermon was entitled, “Does God Allow Suffering,” taken from Isaiah 53.
God does not promise believers a life free from pain and suffering. If Christians didn’t hurt, other people might only see God as some sort of magician who takes away all bad things in life. But because you have a relationship with God, he helps you and comforts you. Most importantly, God will one day take away all of your suffering when you arrive in heaven. Whatever pain you are going through is only temporary. But you can be certain there is no suffering in heaven.
At 7 Sunday night, New Beginnings will practice. At 7 Wednesday night, we’ll have prayer meeting at Lela Maude’s.
Remember in prayer this week: David New, Joyce Hammonds, Wanda Gaines, David Hawkins, Bill Karsner, Ron Holland, Rebekah Gaines, George Cook, the families of Lafe Humble, Sollie Clifton, Wayne Marksberry and the rest on our extended prayer list.
Happy birthday to Jo Ann Threet and Gina Goodrich.

Owenton United First Methodist
Bro. Andy’s sermon came from John 14:1-11 and was entitled “Father.” We face many troubles in this world, but God says, “Do not be troubled. I am with you.” Our heavenly Father will never forsake us.
During the children’s sermon, the kids told what their fathers do for them and why they are important. They learned that our Father in Heaven loves us very much also. The young adults sang a special entitled, “Blessings.”
VBS will begin at 10 a.m. July 9. It is sure to be a fun-filled day of learning God’s word. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Happy birthday to Gabrielle Perry.