Chappell elected to Council for Burley Tobacco board

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Members of the Council for Burley Tobacco elected new representatives to the board of directors at the 2013 Council for Burley Tobacco Annual Meeting of Membership April 18 in Lexington.
The new members elected to represent the growers-at-large for the organization: David Chappell from Sparta; Todd Clark from Lexington; Greg Harris from Richmond; Hampton Henton from Versailles; Rod Kuegel from Owensboro, ; and Al Pedigo from Scottsville;  Scott Travis from Cox’s Creek; and Shane Wiseman from Winchester were the growers elected to represent the Kentucky Farm Bureau on the board.
Bob James from Lexington and Eddie Warren from Richmond were the growers elected to represent The Burley Growers Cooperative Growers Association on the board.
Kenneth Reynolds from Arlington, Va. was the grower elected to represent The Burley Stabilization Corporation on the board.
Following the annual meeting the Council’s new board met and elected the following officers to serve a two-year term for the organization: President, Rod Kuegel; vice president, Scott Travis; secretary, Hampton Henton; and treasurer, Eddie Warren.
The Council for Burley Tobacco is a burley tobacco organization that represents the grower interests in all segments of the burley tobacco industry.
The council is focused on the development of effective programs, administrative policies, and legislation designed to meet the changing needs of the burley industry. Membership is open to all burley tobacco growers and organizations representing the interests of the burley tobacco industry.